Lanterns: America Asked for 3 Minutes-- The NFL Responds: DECLINED!


America Asked for 3 Minutes-- The NFL Responds: DECLINED!

I was going to leave this subject alone. Primarily, because I like to remain objective with what I write, and stick to the facts. So, I will just have to make sure I put some facts in here—  problem solved.

3 minutes.


Take away the politics and the outrage, that is what this is really all about.

3 minutes.


That means you have 1,437 minutes left of the day that belongs to you, and you can do whatever you want to with them.

The American people asked the owners and the players of the NFL to give them that 3 minutes where they put their politics aside and join fans in respecting the national anthem, our flag, and the estimated 1.2 million American citizens who have given their lives for the country that flag flies over.

It seems like a no-brainer does it not?

We, the fans, are also, we, the people that the American flag represents. It also represents all of the opportunity that allowed these NFL players and owners to achieve, maintain, and grow their success in the first place.

3 minutes.


 The NFL was founded in the latter part of 1920, so let's start with 1921.

At the time that I write this, it has been 96 years OR 50,457,600 minutes that fans have loyally given to the NFL whether they deserved it or not.

Let's not forget the fact that the average NFL franchise is currently worth around $1.4 billion with a market value of $45 billion, among the leagues 32 teams. The NFL is starting to rival Starbucks in overall value.

The average NFL salary stands at around $2 million, the top 100 players average around $11 million to put on a helmet and defend a ball.  This doesn’t include all the money they make for their various endorsements.

We, the fans, made that happen for them, so you would think 3 minutes was more than fair in exchange for that right?

3 minutes to honor men and women who put on a helmet to defend a nation, for an average salary of $39,297 per year. Many of them come home forever broken, and too many never come home at all.

I am pretty sure giving your life is not a contract requirement for the NFL.

We asked for 3 minutes, and it has become obvious though, that their answer is a resounding NO. In fact, they basically told us to go (bleep) ourselves. 

3 minutes.


As if betraying us was not enough, many of the players have now tried to make us out as the bad guys, by calling us racists.

I am not going to get into all of the particulars about the group you chose to stand against us with at this time, black lives matter. But I will say this, you guys really should do a little research into the causes you choose to support. Especially when it makes you turn your back on your country.

Black Lives Matters’ claims are not backed up by the empirical data. It is quite the opposite, in fact.

(See Reference Sheet at bottom)

Sports is one of the most unifying venues we still had, however, you’ve now turned it into a political battleground of divisiveness all the while preaching a false unity based on a manufactured truth.



You're in luck though. Given some of the dismal seasons we have supported you guys through, it's safe to say we are a forgiving lot.

So, why don't you guys take a minute, look at the facts about Black Lives Matter, instead of the propaganda. Take another minute, to seriously get the hell over yourselves. And one more minute to feel the shame you deserve.  

There— we just gave you 3 minutes.

Give us our 3 minutes to honor our country uninterrupted. Give us back the one thing we had left that was not politicized, the one thing left in this country that united all races, religions, genders, political parties. The anthem and our flag united a nation until you guys tore it apart with this protesting.

Let's get back to the true unity we had before all of this, and let’s play some football!

On a final note:

I truly want to show my appreciation, and gratitude to all of the players, owners, sponsors, and advertisers involved with the NFL who chose to stand by their country, who chose to stand with us.

I salute you.

"The most outrageous lies that can be invented will find believers if a man only tells them with all his might." ~ Mark Twain


Reference Sheet

Written by C H Coutts

I seek the truth, no matter where it may lead me.

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I couldn't agree more C H, nice article. T J


Love it! Thanks Charles!


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