Lanterns: Mayweather vs. McGregor: A Historical Opportunity


Mayweather vs. McGregor: A Historical Opportunity

Mayweather vs. McGregor is a historical opportunity that few are talking about.

August 24, 2017- Over the last several months there has been a lot of hype about the upcoming fight. However, up until now, nobody has been talking about the historic proportions of this fight.  

Mayweather has the opportunity to break the undefeated streak of one, Rocky Marciano. Marciano has been the sole record holder of a 49-0 professional boxing record for decades, and it wasn’t until September 12, 2015, that Mayweather tied the 49-0 undefeated boxing record; a record that Marciano held for 10 days short of 60 years.

Most of the hype has been about: if they would fight, when they would fight, the smack talking, how each one is training, and even the diets of the fighters.

Going undefeated as a professional boxer/ fighter is almost nonexistent. Even Royce Gracie, who had an undefeated streak for a number of years, eventually dropped to Matt Hughes. A record like 49-0 is a small, rare diamond in a haystack. So, if Mayweather wins, his record improves to 50-0 and he breaks the record of The Brockton Blockbuster. Obviously, if McGregor beat Mayweather, he’d have the historical opportunity to be the one behind 49-1 and thus preserves Marciano’s record.

However, the greater hype is behind Marciano’s record.

Marciano’s son doesn’t seem too keen about Mayweather’s opportunity and his objection is legit. Rocky Marciano Jr. called the fight an “exhibition fight” and questioned its legitimacy. “No matter what happens, I don’t think it should go towards Mayweather’s professional career (record), win or lose," Marciano Jr. told USA TODAY Sports Monday. “This fight to me isn’t a true boxing match."

Marciano’s record was special because he was the ultimate underdog. Experts said Marciano was too small, too old, and too clumsy to be a professional boxer. However, as an undefeated champion, he proved his naysayers wrong with an exclamation point!

Marciano also had an 87.75% knockout to win ratio, which remains one of the all-time highest in boxing history. If Mayweather rides the odds to victory, the drama probably won’t end there because the speculation will be if the fight should count on his record. Time will tell what happens.

Written by Devan Safer

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