Lanterns: BREAKING: FBI Opens Criminal Investigation Over CIA Leak


BREAKING: FBI Opens Criminal Investigation Over CIA Leak

As intelligence agencies are reeling after Tuesday’s WikiLeaks release of what is alleged to be the “entire hacking capacity of the CIA,” today’s focus has begun to shift to the mole who is behind the sensational surveillance information provided to the “anti-secrecy” website.

A veteran cyber contractor from the intelligence community who formerly worked in the breached unit, the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence, told Fox News that the CCI has maintained an internal database of information for a long time. This information can only be accessed by those with proper credentials or security clearance, he explained, all of which seemed to have been given to WikiLeaks. Although the CIA has declined to comment to Fox News, Wikileaks has not been so shy.

In a news release connected with the disclosure of the information, WikiLeaks stated that CCI had more than 5,000 registered users, which has been ridiculed as “absurd” and “a bit high” by security experts to Fox News.

The FBI confirmed it has opened a federal criminal investigation into the WikiLeaks disclosure. As the investigation continues, experts say there are procedures in place which will include a forensic analysis of the paperwork that was released. This analysis will be used to narrow down the enormous pool of suspects. For more on the operation of investigation go here.


Photo Credit: WikiLeaks

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