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Politically Correct Genocide


When we hear the word “genocide,” it usually brings to mind images of the Holocaust. The pictures are horrific, and we remind ourselves and each other that it should never happen again anywhere to anyone. Adolf Hitler and his government were able to hide what they were doing in the fog of war, but now in the age of instant information, a new attempt at genocide is taking place, and it seems as though Western media is just not interested. Why?

On Palm Sunday, the beginning of the holiest week of the year for Christians worldwide, two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt were bombed. Forty-four people were killed and over 100 injured. It comes as no surprise that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. These are not the first attacks on Christians and Christian holy sites, and they will not be the last.

Egypt has the largest Coptic Christian population in the Middle East. They predate Islam by hundreds of years. But slowly, that is changing. The attacks on all Christians worldwide at the hands of ISIS is growing, but you have to look pretty hard to find any mention of it in not just mainstream American media, but Western media in general.

Most people in Europe and America have heard the quote from the Quran, “do not take Christians and Jews as your friends.” Many Muslims try to explain these instructions away, but the command is clearly there. The disciples of ISIS take this command literally, but no one seems to be paying attention.

After the recent St. Petersburg Russia train bombing, ISIS admitted targeting “worshippers of the Cross.” After the Coptic Church attacks, ISIS issued yet another statement saying, “this is a war against the Cross.” In Iraq, Christian churches and homes are being targeted with a symbol. It is the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet pronounced “noon.” It is the equivalent to the Roman letter “N;” it stands for “Nasara” or “Nazarene,” a pejorative Arabic term for “Christian.”

This is where the problem comes in. In the United States and for that matter the West, it is believed that ISIS’ hatred stems from our way of life. They hate us for our freedom and liberty. They hate us for McDonald’s, rock & roll, Donald Trump. That is why they want to eradicate us. Yes, they want to eradicate us, but they want to start with Christians. They want Christians and Christianity gone. They have made this abundantly clear. So where are western Christian leaders and why is no one else speaking out?

We go out of our way not to lump all Muslims together. Has political correctness blinded us to what the real war on the West is? But perhaps a more intriguing question might be, has it become so acceptable to discriminate against Christians that this is somehow acceptable? Is the open genocide of Christians OK?

Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Egypt in a few weeks. The visit is to promote better relations between Catholics and Muslims. The Pope says that Islam should not be equated with violence. Security will no doubt be extremely tight, but again, we are dealing with people who believe they have been commanded by God to kill Christians. The leader of the “worshipers of the Cross” would be a rich target. Would he still think that Islam should not be equated with violence?

The Western media needs to start paying attention and talking about the real war on the West by Islamic terrorists. Christian leaders also need to start speaking out about the mass slaughter of Christians around the world. If they do not how many more lives will political correctness and silence claim?

Written by Becky Noble

I live in St. Louis (GO CARDS!) with my husband Randy and our 50 lb Border Collie Jezzie.

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Great article, Becky. My understanding is that Pope Tawadros II was leading prayer at the service at St. Mark's last weekend. I haven't really heard anyone talk about the fact that he was there (except to mention that he was unharmed), but it makes me wonder if he wasn't a target...? You are so right about so much of this... most importantly, I think, about the fact that we have got to wake up to what's happening to our brothers and sisters around the world. But listen... if you're counting on MSM to speak up, well... we both know better than that. I want to encourage you, though... there's no need to debate whether Islam is a peaceful or violent religion. It's important, however, to remember that there are peaceful Muslims. I know that there are Muslims coming to faith in Jesus regularly all around the world, and we cannot alienate those who are honestly seeking. Especially Muslims. Thanks for writing this article! Pax!

Follow-up to add... "how many more lives will political correctness and silence claim?" It occurred to me this morning (in the shower) that MSM here in the West can't talk about this with any real depth or concern. It simply doesn't fit the narrative that ISIS is a poor, degraded group of folks who have suffered under the greed and global initiatives of the pompous, self-important West and is, therefore, acting only in a sort of provoked response to us. To report and analyze what happened in Egypt last weekend is to admit that ISIS does, indeed, hate Christians with the intent of destroying them and is not simply a misunderstood minority. Again, great article (must be... it's still circling around in my head!). Pax!

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