Lanterns: Our Post-Racial Obama Nation: CANCELED


Our Post-Racial Obama Nation: CANCELED

Marxism is a broken mirror; imaged by a broken few.

It's almost like people are wanting real bad to say that black lives do, in fact matter, but are instead thinking, ‘to hell with all this race-baiting, ignorance and crisis advantaging.’ Black lives don't matter anymore than anybody else’s and if it's ok for them to act like a bunch of stupid, ignoramuses then, I guess we can act up and be a little stupid, too. There's no sense in acting like an adult until age twenty-six anymore, so why not have some old-timey, black-face fun and clear up some problem skin in doing so?

I’m speaking personally, and am quite sure these kids haven't displayed a hint of racism once in their entire lives until all this hogwash got ginned up and rolled out by the Marxist professors that seem to inhabit just about every campus these days. Congratulations you worthless, radicalized Leftist punks. It is your phony efforts toward “addressing” race relations that have resulted in these fine young girls’ fundamental transformation. They turned into exactly what you wanted them to be, albeit only temporarily. Here’s a little secret: They haven’t changed really changed; they’ve just obliged you and your efforts.

You think you’ve exposed a weakness, a flaw in America’s national character, but you haven’t. This is planted evidence of your own making via the seeds sown of your discontent. You’ve created an image of someone your self-righteous, morally bankrupt, backsides can hate with an open passion. You garner the oh-so-important, pat-on-the-back recognition that fuels your narcissistic ego-mania and gives “accomplishment” to your sad and bitter time on this beautiful planet. What lengths you’ll go to for an air of self-import and a couple of Facebook likes is pitiful.

Everything you stand for is falsified nonsense meant to stir discontent in those who don’t hate you. The fact is, you literally hate yourselves and you’re too proud of your standing tall in your saddle of failure, where you feel noticed, and thus, alive. You screwed these girls’ lives up and you did it with malice and intent. Your actions are reaction driven and this is your return on investment. You deserve every bit of the mocking ridicule these agitated, but decent young ladies have plastered on to your “good works.”

Your efforts here will be for naught and amount to nothing because that is literally what this is. Nothing but your weak-minded attempt to destroy kindness, true caring, and brotherhood to help usher in the unmitigated failure of your political design. You will fail, again, and most miserably.

In time, these fun-loving kids are going to pull through and shrug this off like it never happened. I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that they’ll get married, have kids and lead happy, successful lives. They have shown an ability to see right through your racial bullying and slide past your feeble, strong-armed, brown shirt tactics and throw it right back in your faces. Right where it belongs.

Good for them.

They'll shrug it off because they're privileged to be free from the political poison poured down your clueless throats by your handlers in order for you to adequately perform your tasks, as assigned. You are pillaging your own land and you will reap your just rewards for doing so. So it is written.

Yeah, I don’t believe your "poor me" victimhood narrative will stick to these true victims of your racially-charged hatred and, for that reason alone, they'll move beyond this minor incident that you forced onto the best times of their lives and progress into tomorrow and enjoy a new day. And they’ll do it with or without you.

Their lives obviously matter a great deal to them and they will not succumb to the political chains that bind you to the lowest levels of our social structure, that of a rogue band of disgruntled nobodies burning down your own house and rioting in your own streets because it’s the only thing you know how to do.

That is by design, as well. And that, you need to recognize.

Keep your victim status, Mr. President. 

Americans don’t want it or need it. Your conversation about race is nothing more than some Marxist, political, kabuki theater and even these sweet, and once innocent kids who live way out in Outer Stambosia can look right through your false narrative and see the malice dripping from the Leftist inhumanity that owns your heart and will bury your soul. Your legacy will be forever … one of complete failure and unmitigated disaster and we are all just about sick of you. It’s time for you to leave.

Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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