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Comey's Hot Potato

Every single news station I have listened to for the past few days has called the firing of Comey as the FBI Director,  “shocking” and “unexpected” news.  Shocking? I will tell you what shocked me is that it did not happen in the Obama Administration or when Trump took office. I said this last year after Comey rattled off a list of crimes that Clinton had flagrantly committed and then desperately tried to cover up by destroying the evidence.

I thought for sure, after hearing the multiple infractions Hillary Clinton had committed that the DOJ would indict her. But then, Comey, stepping out of his jurisdiction as an intelligence officer whose sole duty is to gather the evidence, proceeded to usurp the authority of the Department of Justice, which was then headed up by Loretta Lynch, and declare that Hillary Clinton had no “intention” in committing her crimes and basically declared her innocent. The investigation was officially closed.

I stood up from my chair and said, “He threw a towel over her. Why?” How many criminals in our penal system have been freed from their penalties because they had no “intention” of breaking the law?

This was my post on that day:

“I have lost all respect for Comey. He buckled under the political pressure. All 6 feet and 8 inches of his massive body has been reduced to the size of a slithering slug. They should take the blindfold that is over the eyes of the statue of Lady Justice and wrap it around her wrists to wrench them behind her back. Today, July the 5th 2016, at exactly 11:15 AM justice has been handcuffed. The bottom line is this: Today, we see clearly that there is a starkly different standard of law for the common folk… and the elite fly above it unconcerned. Justice in America is no longer impartial. What a sad day for America.”

I asked myself, “Why is it that Loretta Lynch was taken out of the equation?” Then I remembered the secret meeting that Loretta Lynch had with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of an airport in Arizona. The cat had come out of the bag. When Comey handed Lynch the “hot potato” that the damning evidence the FBI investigators had gathered legally warranted an indictment, Lynch knew she could not be the one to throw the towel over Hillary or her head would roll. The world already knew of her secret agreement with the Clintons. So she threw the hot potato back into Comey’s hands. Comey was now stuck between a rock and a hard place. But, she was his boss.

Comey folded to the political pressure, and in July of 2016, he threw the towel over Hillary. But, the FBI investigators that had worked so hard to build this airtight case where incensed at his betrayal of the FBI code to be impartial to political agendas. Retired General Jack Keane has spoken to many of these valiant FBI investigators and on several occasions stated that there was great discontentment with the rank and file FBI agents regarding Comey’s flagrant disregard for the standard of excellence and independence that the FBI has traditionally abided by.

At that point, every Democrat looked upon Comey as the Messiah that had saved them from perdition. Accolades came from every sector of the liberal elite. But the hot potato did not cool off, as Comey had hoped. Instead, it began to glow radioactively as Trump’s chance to win the election became more ominous. Comey knew he had stepped on a land mine and he did not know how to lift his foot without it going off. If Trump would win the election and an investigation into this matter would be conducted by those not controlled by the establishment elite, it would most definitely out his complicity with Lynch, the Clintons, and Obama. His head would roll.

Then in late October of 2016, like a lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky, Comey announces that they have discovered thousands of more e-mails from Hillary improperly sent to an unsecured site previously not discovered in “Weiner’s the Perv” computer. I wondered then if this was the move of the FBI investigators trying to force the hand of Comey, or if this was his own ploy. All of a sudden, days before the election the investigation was once again opened.

Now, every Democrat and the liberal elite news media wanted to tar and feather Comey. He went from being the Messiah to being Satan. I was intrigued by this new development and hoped that Comey was trying to rectify his mistake. Maybe he was trying to lob the hot potato back at Hillary?

But just three days later, right before the national election, I was again utterly disappointed. Comey stated that by the “miracle of technology” the FBI, who had taken umpteen months to go through 30,000 e-mails, now went through 6,000 e-mails in just three days. “Wow,” I thought, “that is a miracle equivalent to the resurrection of Christ in three days.” The wily Comey once again threw the towel over Hillary but managed to make Trump and the world think by this last moment move that he was a straight-shooter.

With one deft move, Comey managed to fulfill his pledge to Lynch, Clinton, and Obama, and cover his tracks for Trump. But my father in law in Germany has a saying, “Lies have short legs.” In other words, the truth shall always catch up to the lies. Oh what a tangled web they weave, but it cannot stand against the light of truth. The good book says, “Eventually your sins shall find you out.”

Nevertheless, Hillary and every establishment liberal denounced Comey as the culprit that cost Hillary the election. They acrimoniously demanded his resignation. Hillary personally accused him so, just a few weeks ago in an interview. I thought to myself, “She owes him her liberty. She would now be behind bars in an orange pantsuit were it not for his chicanery.”

But lo and behold, the hot potato is not cooling off. It is now reaching critical mass. The investigation by the new DOJ, no longer bound to Obama is unlocking all the secrets behind the Obama administration’s overreach of the Executive Branch to use our intelligence services for his own political purposes. It should not come as any great surprise to anyone who has studied the Fast and Furious scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal and many other flagrant abuses of power that Obama acted as a cheap, Banana Republic despot using the Federal Resources that are supposed to be independent for his own progressivism/globalism political ambitions.

The mainstream media is now incensed at Trump for firing Comey when he was in California, some 5 hours away from Washington. Supposedly, he found out by looking at the television news. Most have declared this as a breach of protocol. They are fools. They are nothing more than egalitarian jesters, who pretend to be journalists. They are simply puppets of the liberal establishment. They are traitors to “we the people” to whom they are responsible for speaking the truth and holding our politicians accountable. Instead, they have become a sycophantic propaganda wing of the Progressivism movement that seeks to destroy our national distinction and melt us into a global charter, where our Bill of Rights shall become toilet paper.

Did you notice that no one in this administration leaked this news? That is because it was only shared with those appointed by Trump. There is very good reason why this rolled out the way it did. Trump waited until Comey was five hours away before announcing his termination in order to give the DOJ time to gather all personal information in his office for the investigation. All those naive journalists calling foul fail to understand that the corporate policy almost universally practiced is that when an employee is fired, they are not allowed access to the corporate computers or their office documents because of the threat of sabotage.

The only mistake Trump has made in my opinion is that he did not fire Comey immediately. The hypocrisy of the feigned indignation of the firing of Comey by the Democrats is appalling. The alligator tears of Chuck Schumer pales in comparison.

Check out the video HERE.

Written by Henry Patino

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Great article Henry. You know I have always loved your articles. Keep up the great work.

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