Lanterns: Joy Villa is a Fraud


Joy Villa is a Fraud

Conservatives need to be wary of American singer, Joy Villa who recently made headlines for accusing President Trump’s former aide, Corey Lewandowski, of sexually assaulting her at a party over a month ago.

Villa won the hearts of many Trump supporters when she posed in a MAGA dress for the Grammys earlier this year. Many conservatives called her brave and admired her for displaying her support for President Trump.

However, conservatives began to question Villa, after a video made it around social media, that showed her slapping a man in the butt without his knowledge. The video doesn’t prove Lewandowski innocent, but it certainly makes Villa look hypocritical.

People started to look into her background, and their concern about her has some merit.

Just starting with her music career, it appears her support for Trump could’ve at least been a publicity stunt to make her relevant and sell albums. Villa’s music sales increased over 18 million percent in just one day after posing in the dress, according to the WND.

But it seems to be something much deeper than music sales.

Since announcing her run for a Florida congressional seating, Villa has hired a Scientology lobbyist, Greg Mitchell, to be her political advisor, and Mitchell’s lobbying group, “The Mitchell Firm” is funded by George Soros.

Mark Dice, a popular conservative author, and YouTuber, attempted to expose Villa back in February. He warned listeners about her sketchy past and her deep ties to the church of Scientology.

Dice also claimed that she isn’t just a member, though. He believes she could be very high level, because records indicate the addresses Villa uses on her legal documents are connected to Scientology centers.

And it’s not old records either. It turns out that there is strong evidence to back up his claim. A couple of pictures revealed that the police report she filed against Lewandowski, actually uses the address for The Church of Scientology.

Villa also has a strong history of supporting Obama.

In early 2016, a deleted tweet showed her support for Bernie Sanders.

In the same year, she called Trump supporters stupid in another deleted tweet.

People could argue that she might have changed over the next several months, but on election night, she told people to write in a third candidate, in order to avoid the “two crazy candidates.”

And in February 2017, Villa played damage control, saying she voted for Trump, even though she called Trump “crazy” on election night.

Even after supposedly switching political parties and becoming a Christian, one photo shows her hanging out with scientologist.

Overwhelming evidence suggests Villa is political strategist, who is trying to destroy the Republican party, and expand the outreach for The Church of Scientology.

Interestingly, many conservative journalists are staying quiet about this. If all of this is true, this means she duped millions of people. All of the prominent voices in the conservative movement who gave her a platform need to speak up.

Written by Christian Montoya

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