Lanterns: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Will You Please Go Now!


Hillary Rodham Clinton, Will You Please Go Now!

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Will You Please Go Now? I think that America deserves a break!

It seems that everywhere I look, I can’t escape the shrill cackle of Hillary Rodham Clinton. She’s flooding the airwaves discussing every reason why she could have possibly lost the election except the real one: People just can’t stand her.

I could go on, but instead, I’ll just ask:

“Hillary Rodham Clinton, will you please go now!”

(Hat-tip: Dr. Seuss.)

We’ve heard you cry,

We’ve heard you whine.

We’ve heard you cackle,

And we’ve heard you lie.



“But, now the time has come.

The time is now.

Just go.



I don’t care how. 


You can go by foot.

You can go by cow.

You can go by skates,

Just leave here NOW!


Take a train,

Take a bus,

Take a rickshaw, if you must.

But, please just go; please stop the fuss!  


You can go by bike,

You can go by skis,

You can take what-ev-er road you please.

It makes no difference where you go—  or how… 

Hillary Rodham Clinton, will you please go now! 


Ride a bus,

Ride a bike,

Ride a broom,

Take a hike… 


I-  don’t-  care.

One, thing, is ver-y clear,

No one real-ly

Wants you here.


Go back to your house.

Shut your mouth, hide your face.

Do us all a big favor, and just accept it--  

YOU lost the race.


Hillary Rodham Clinton, I don’t care how.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Just Please,

Please.  PLEASE!



Photo Credit:  DonkeyHotey

Written by Erma O'Bryan

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