Lanterns: Lies and Other Infuriating Stuff


Lies and Other Infuriating Stuff

Some days, I can hardly stand the lies and other infuriating stuff coming from the Left.


Normally, I just flip on by the crap on my Facebook newsfeed. There’s so much, and it’s coming from both sides, so the Right is not without sin. Social Media has shown me the error of thinking Republicans are smarter than Democrats. For now, I’m operating under the theory Conservatives are wiser and less apt to fall for the nonsense prevalent in social-media-land. Everyone falls for them once in a while, because they often look and say exactly what we’d expect from the other side.

Political Commentary From Artists…


When the David Crosby meme came by, I read it out of curiosity. He’s a wonderful musician, and I enjoy Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

Then I looked at who posted it. She, (let’s call her Marie), is completely and totally uninterested in politics or government, but many of her friends are of the far left, radical, Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat Party; one of our mutual friends, in fact, broke up with me (as a friend) because I’m conservative and just “too gross” for her.

Marie is a follower. She repeats what she’s heard and seen from others, and hasn’t ever had an original thought where politics is concerned. And oh boy, does she hate Donald Trump, as all good liberals do. Marie believes with all her heart, she knows enough to cast an educated vote. Tragically, there are millions like her; they got the message, “It’s a privilege to vote,” but not the “duty to educate yourself” part.

I posited a question to her: Can you explain to me why taking a knee during the National Anthem is freedom of speech, but taking a knee to pray is offensive? Her reply:

The NFL took a very peaceful protest against trumps words, which indeed threatened freedom of speech. Not sure where religion comes in here.....considering the rest of the post was anout Nazis and white supremacists.......which trump said "im sure there's good people amongst them"

Grammar is not her forte, but I digress. She was clearly annoyed by this query, but she measured her words and wasn’t nasty. I wish I could say her friends reacted the same.

What followed was a barrage of the most hateful, expletive-ridden, demented, and ugly garbage which I won’t repeat here; we’ve all seen it. If we’re the least bit up front about who we are, it’s been flung at us. It’s exactly what I wrote about in “We Can’t Bridge The Ugly Divide In America.”

Battling Wits With The Unarmed


I started to respond to Marie, but as often happens, my comment morphed into a comment-ary. Thank goodness for Facebook; where would I get material if not for Zuckerberg’s baby? There’s no sense in wasting my time or thoughts on Marie’s lot, and she doesn’t care enough for me to think she’ll pay attention.

I’m not a Trump apologist by any means, but this entire Knee/Anthem/NFL/Trump debacle is ridiculous. Where it is concerned, however, the real issue is the double standard. When Tim Tebow prayed on the sidelines, liberals wouldn’t tolerate it. Fast forward a few years and all of a sudden the NFL is concerned with the 1st Amendment and the Constitution. It’s cool for these guys to protest, but it’s not cool to pray. The oldest play in the Democrat playbook is the Double Standard. Tolerance, it’s not really a liberal thing after all.

Protesting is so last year…


Beyond that, however, is the whole Trump-is-the-Devil thing. The fact is, while blacks in the cities may feel targeted by police, FBI statistics prove it’s just not true. There’s no way to find a solution to a problem that can’t be proven. Facts are actionable, emotion isn’t. Although it’s very racist of me to suggest evidence is necessary, that’s how people come together, discuss, and work out solutions in civilized societies.

Getting back to the protests, #TakeAKnee started last year and was about cops killing blacks and what they described as systemic racism. Apparently, protesting Trump began last weekend. I can’t keep up. The players have the right to protest as long as their employers are okay with it. We have the right to speak out against the #TakeAKnee players and coaches, boycott the games, and go after the sponsors if we choose. Trump said he’d like to see them fired, but since he can’t fire them, it’s all so much baloney.

First Amendment Applies To All Of Us…


Even Donald Trump has the right to say what he wants despite what the Leftists are saying. No laws are being written to stop protest speech, so he’s not posing a threat to democracy. He does, though, occasionally get on my last nerve.

A much greater threat to democracy is the liberal left shouting down Conservatives on University campuses and elsewhere. They have the right to speak and be heard— a sign of a healthy republic. #Antifa has been beating up Conservatives for the last couple years, and they’ve been praised by Democrats for “standing up to hate speech.”

A different point of view is not hate speech, but even if it was, the First Amendment says even the most distasteful speech is protected. I don’t know when the Liberals decided the Constitution says, “If the thought or words disagree with our rhetoric, it is not protected speech.”

In Conclusion…


Trump got popped from all sides for his response to Charlottesville. I understand what he was saying about “some fine people amongst them,” reading the entire quote is such an eye-opener. As always, it is amazing only Republican Presidents misspeak or make mistakes.

To keep pushing this narrative is just dishonest; the only way to get the truth is to go looking for it yourself. Let’s face it, most people don’t bother. That’s how the Media, the Congress, and the Academics get away with the obvious collusion with the Left— a terrible shame because they are destroying the country from within. If these institutions won’t find a way to come together and truthfully dialogue, our country will soon go the way of Rome.

Written by Julie Custer

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