Lanterns: The Truth About Climate Change


The Truth About Climate Change

What is the truth regarding climate change? The truth is that our climate changes and has changed since the beginning of our Earth’s creation. We have been through two ice ages followed by warming trends. Immediately after the Second Ice Age, the Earth’s oceans were some 460 feet below our present levels. As the natural warming of our climate continues the seas continue to rise. What is not truth is that man is responsible for this climate change. These natural climate cycles have been ongoing throughout our Earth’s entire history. And we have no real power to stop it.

The lie that all scientists agree that man is the culprit who is causing global warming has been sold to you by those seeking to use this cause for other nefarious political goals. Our past administration doled out $2.5 billion dollars every year for scientists to do climate studies, but the hitch no one tells you is that unless they tow the party line, they do not get the Federal funding. It is a manufactured hoax.

The histrionics regarding climate change by the globalist political leaders is nothing but a strategy designed to create panic in people to facilitate their agenda. Their goal is to create such hysteria regarding the imminent demise of our planet that the people of the world will allow an international regime to take over the sovereignty of national governments in order to "save the world" from this disaster.

Their goal has been carefully planned in the UN to establish an international government that would have control over the atmosphere and waterways which would override the sovereign rights of national governments. This clever ploy would then be the first domino to fall and which could precipitate a global regime that could control the economies of all the nations.

Trump’s wise decision to withdraw from the disastrous Paris Climate Accord shortcircuited Obama’s clever globalist agenda and reconfirmed our American sovereignty. The secondary, not so secret purpose of this Paris accord, was to force America to bypass their national energy resources which would continue to make them dependent on the Middle East oil.

If we are to win the war on terrorism, America must become energy independent. Every dollar we pay at the gas pump for Middle East oil eventually reaches the coffers of the Jihadis to fund their weapons and terrorist attacks. This must stop.

To begin with, the Paris accord was flawed on many fronts. First,  it was a non-binding agreement without any power to force governments to comply. Secondly, the greatest polluter in the world, China, was not required to reduce their use of coal until 2030. Third, India, the second greatest polluter in the world, would only agree to reduce their coal consumption if it were given billions of dollars from Western nations (This means that India would join US welfare rolls, and we simply can’t afford it).

The Paris Accord would have cost our nation some three trillion dollars in expenses, forced us to reduce our coal consumption by 86% and our natural gas by 31%. This would have led to an enormous loss of jobs, 6.5 million, for Americans and would have once again made us incapable of competing with the rising economies of China and India. All of that for perhaps an estimated .4 degree change in temperature.

Those who live in Europe and have only access to newscast controlled by the globalist forces who created the European Union will undoubtedly be told that Trump is killing the planet by withdrawing from this ridiculous accord. It is the same message that resounds through our own liberal media in America, and it is a bold faced lie.

Our nation has reduced the carbon footprint in 2017 to the levels of 1994 without any need for an international accord. We have done so through engineering innovations that allow us to have clean coal. Just because we will not allow an international regime to take away our sovereignty as a nation does not mean we do not care for our environment. The stagnation of an economy will not help in the task to innovate new and cleaner forms of energy.

Here is a novel idea: Each country should manage their own environmental standards and pay for it through their own taxes, instead of treating us like the global teat to suck us dry. Instead of demanding that American tax dollars prop up their failing socialist economies, they need to meet their responsibilities as we do ours.

On second thought, perhaps they should reconsider the failing socialist ideology that is miring their nations in economic stagnation. 


Written by Henry Patino

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