Lanterns: This Day in History - December 27


This Day in History - December 27

December 27

1512 – The Spanish issue the Laws of Burgos, governing the conduct of settlers with regards to native Indians in the New World

1571 – German astronomer and mathematician, Johannes Kepler is born

1657 – Flushing Remonstrance petition signed in the Dutch colony of New Netherland protesting a ban on Quaker worship

1780 – Colonel William Washington leads nearly 275 troops to destroy a force of 250 British Loyalists under the command of Colonel Thomas Waters, who was responsible for terrorizing Patriots in the Fairforest Creek area of South Carolina, while they were camping at Hammond’s Store

1822 – French chemist and microbiologist, Louis Pasteur is born

1825 – The first public railway using steam locomotion is completed in England between Stockton and Darlington

1829 – Southern abolitionist, Hinton Helper is born

1831 – Charles Darwin departs Plymouth on the HMS Beagle, headed to the Galapagos Islands, amongst others, where Darwin will form his theories on evolution

1845 – Dr. Crawford W. Long gives ether to his wife during childbirth, becoming the first person to use anesthesia during childbirth

1846 – Colonel Alexander W. Doniphan’s “Doniphan’s Thousand,” or army of volunteers, wins a major victory in the war with Mexico by occupying El Paso

1862 – Union General William Rosecrans’ army starts the march toward Murfreesboro, Tennessee

1864 – Defeated Confederate Army of Tennessee finishes the crossing of the Tennessee River while General John Bell Hood’s force retreats into the Mississippi

1895 – The “Stagger Lee” murder took place in a St. Louis, Missouri barroom that will go on to inspire a song that will be sung in many different renditions by many different artists. Billy Lyons and “Stag” Lee Sheldon got into a political argument in which Lyons “snatched Sheldon’s hat from his head.” Sheldon then shot Lyon in the stomach, took back his hat and walked away

1900 – Prohibitionist Carry Nation tears up a bar at the Carey Hotel in Wichita, Kansas, causing thousands in damages and sending her to jail. Nation became famous for wielding a hatchet and tearing up saloons

1901 – German-born singer and actress, Marlene Dietrich is born

1904 – James Barrie’s play, Peter Pan, opens at the Duke of York’s Theater in London

1913 – Charles Moyer, president of the Miners Union, is shot in the back and dragged through the streets of Chicago

1915 – Iron and steel workers strike for an eight-hour day and higher wages in Ohio

1918 – Members of the People’s Guard, the Polish military organization, and volunteers take up arms against occupying Germany in Poznan

1919 – Major General Charles Sweeney, the pilot of the Bocks Car, the B-29 that dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, is born

1927 – The creator of soap operas One Life to Live and All My Children, and the woman responsible for introducing social issues into soaps, Agnes Nixon, is born

1932 – Radio City Music Hall opens

1933 – Josef Stalin calls tensions with Japan a grave danger

1939 – Thousands are killed in Turkey by a string of earthquakes, although the official count ranges greatly from 11,000 to 40,000

1941 – Japanese bombers attack Manila, despite its claim as an open city

1941 – The Office of Price Administration initiates its first World War II rationing program mandating that no driver will be allowed to own more than five automobile tires

1942 – The German military begins enlisting Soviet POWs in the battle against Russia

1943 – American broadcast journalist Cokie Roberts is born

1944 – President Franklin Roosevelt seizes properties belonging to the Montgomery Ward Company because they refused to comply with a labor agreement

1945 – The International Monetary Fund and the Bank for Reconstruction and Development are created

1947 – The new Italian constitution is promulgated in Rome

1948 – Actor Gerard Depardieu is born

1949 – Indonesia receives independence from the Netherlands

1950 – The US and Spain resume relations for the first time since the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s

1956 – Bus segregation is outlawed in Tallahassee, Florida

1958 – Co-founder of Warner Bros., Harry Warner, dies

1962 – College basketball coach Bill Self is born

1966 – A US and South Vietnamese joint-service operation takes place against a well-fortified Viet Cong stronghold in the U Minh Forest in the Mekong Delta, dropping napalm before attacking Viet Cong positions

1968 – The US agrees to sell F-4 Phantom jets to Israel

1968 – The first manned mission to the moon, Apollo 8, returns to Earth safely

1969 – In the bloodiest battle in six weeks, the US and North Vietnamese tangle near Loc Ninh, where 72 of 250 North Vietnamese soldiers were killed

1971 – Journalist and co-host of NBC’s The Today Show, Savannah Guthrie is born

1975 – Child actress discovered by Stephen Spielberg at age five and died at age 12, Heather O’Rourke is born

1975 – A coal mine explosion and flood from a nearby reservoir caused by the ground shaking during the explosion, kills more than 372 workers in Dhanbad, India

1978 – King Juan Carlos ratifies Spain’s first democratic constitution in nearly five decades

1979 – President Hafizullah Amin of Afghanistan is ousted and murdered in a coup backed by the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union takes over to enforce the installation of the new leader, Babrak Karmal, beginning a lengthy war

1980 – Swiss wrestler, Antonio Cesaro is born

1983 – President Ronald Reagan accepts all responsibility for a lack of security in Beirut that allowed a terrorist on a suicide mission to kill 241 Marines

1984 – Four Polish officers are tried for the murder of Reverend Jerzy Popieluszko

1985 – Palestinian radicals kill 18 people in airports in Rome and Vienna

1996 – Taliban forces retake strategic Bagram Airfield during Afghan civil war

1996 – Rwanda’s first genocide trial opens for the 1994 slaughter of 800,000 Tutsis

1997 – Irish-English commander, Billy Wright dies

2001 – China receives permanent normal trade relations with the US

2001 – The US announces plans to hold Taliban and al-Qaeda prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

2004 – Radiation reaches Earth from the brightest extrasolar event ever witnessed the cosmic explosion of neutron star magnetar SGR 1806-20

2004 – During a game against the San Diego Chargers, Indianapolis Colt’s quarterback Peyton Manning finds wide receiver Brandon Stokely in the end zone for his 49th touchdown pass of the season, breaking the previous NFL record held by Dan Marino

2007 – Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is assassinated in Rawalpindi

2007 – Rioting begins in Mombasa after Mwai Kibaki is declared the winner of Kenya’s presidential elections, marking the beginning of an economic, humanitarian and political crisis

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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