Lanterns: Here Comes the Train!


Here Comes the Train!

Photo by David Herman 

It is a beautiful day. It isn't too bright which is good for my photography subjects today in the historic town of Galena, IL.  I am compiling a group of photos to offer at a local antique mall.

While taking a couple hundred pictures of various buildings, their signs, rock formations, parts of bridges, close-ups of flowers, I heard the blaring sound of a train horn off in the distance.

My anticipation began to rise. I felt like a kid from the 1940s when the huge locomotive steam engines would be coming into town and kids would race to see the long trail of the large billowing clouds of smoke-- standing in awe of the giant wheels being moved by long arms of iron.

I was already taking pictures of the train station, so I hurriedly walked over the tracks and positioned myself between tracks and the building. I wanted the perfect shot. It seemed like an hour for the train to come around the corner when out from the tunnel it emerged like a dinosaur it came, its three headlights glinting in the sun as it approached the station...

Snap, snap,, click, finger worked the button like Liberace's soul and hands dancing along the ivory keys. My eye was looking through the viewer and my brain was processing so many questions of what it is seeing in a tiny fraction of a second.

Will the final product be appreciated and give someone a feeling or thought?

Taking a photo has become something so many people say they can do with their cell phone.

To be an artist though, to use imagination and patience taking a dozen pictures to get the right angle, lighting, and projection...isn't what everyone can do.

Photography is an art, a skill, and a love showing a reflection of the artist's soul.

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Written by David abluepelican Lasaine

Imaginative, reflective, try to be humorous and attempt to be deep in my writing to invoke feelings with topics other than politics.

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