Lanterns: The Slippery Slope to a Police State


The Slippery Slope to a Police State

Peace on earth has been man’s most cherished dream and at the same time the most elusive to attain. Perhaps the most sinister lie being promoted by the architects of globalism is their supposed reason for disarming the nations and consolidating military power into one centralized world government in order to attain global peace.

This call to disarmament, of course, always begins first with disarming the people. Only then, they claim, can humanity be free from wars. Many well-meaning idealists are drawn to this argument because of their disdain for the horrors of wars. I certainly share in that disdain for the brutality of war and terrorism.

As global conflicts and the violence of terrorism increases in our world, mankind shall be pressured and deluded into thinking that this will be the only pragmatic solution that will finally grant them personal safety and at long last bring peace to our world. There is, however, a glaring problem to this myopic illusion. It fails miserably to account for the entire history of humanity and for the fundamental nature of man.

Man is prone to abuse power for selfish interests. When such awesome power is centralized in a few, the vast majority of the people have always, in every historical instance, been oppressed and victimized.

Without exception, every single conqueror has offered a modicum of personal peace from bandits and lawless men to the vanquished, but at a deep cost in personal freedom and financial slavery. We can point to the so-called “Roman Peace” offered by the Roman Empire as a prime example of this historical reality.

Their recipe for keeping the masses in control was called, “Bread and Circuses.” If truth be told, it worked. As long as people had a modicum to eat and their minds were occupied with the year round entertainment provided in the Coliseum, their minds were basically neutralized. But it came at a great cost, as the Republic disintegrated into a centralized tyranny controlled by the Emperor.

It is no different today. Always the elite in power seek to wrest more and more power at the cost of our personal liberties. It is for this reason that the Judeo-Christian worldview offers mankind the only true understanding of our human frailty as fallen creatures in a broken world.

Because most modern men hoodwinked by the relativistic ideology reject this fundamental understanding of the fallen nature of man central to the Judeo-Christian worldview, humanists and socialists are incapable of providing a fundamental worldview to build a government that can realistically protect us from ourselves.

It was the Judeo-Christian background of the Founding Forefathers in America that spurred them to provide our citizenry with the protection of the Second Amendment to the Constitution that assured us the right to bear arms. The purpose for an armed citizenry was considered indispensable as a deterrent to the abuse of power by the Federal Government- an inevitable probability considered by them, who understood the historical reality of fallen man.

The right to bear arms was not meant to be a right to hunt for food or sport, but a right to defend our hard-earned liberties from those who would abuse the power allotted to them by the people. It was meant to protect us from our own leaders. It was meant as a check and balance to our Federal government, precisely because our Founding Forefathers understood the fallenness of man and our tendency to be corrupted through the passage of time.

In direct opposition to the politically correct propaganda emanating from Washington DC, the greatest danger to world peace and the firm possession of individual freedoms for all humanity is, has been, and will be the centralization of power.

Every epoch of our human history has been stained by the blood of the victims of those tyrants who have been demonically inspired to conquer the world. Ever since the judgment of the Tower of Babel, when God in His wisdom divided humanity into separate and distinct nations to avoid the great evil of the centralization of power, Satan has been hard at work to unite mankind under a single government again.

Countless conquerors have been aided by the dark angels to attempt a global union of all nations. The ageless obsession of greed in men obsessed with a diabolic addiction for power and wealth has brought an unfathomable and tragic cost in blood and suffering to every human generation since the dawn of man. It is the stark reality of our fallen human condition in a broken world.

The illusion of our modern civilization that science could lead us to an age of peace and prosperity has been made naked by the true impact of an ever-increasing power to destroy not only life but also everything else around us. We need not go into the past to cite the enormous casualties in the nuclear bombs that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The recent attack on the Syrian population with bombs loaded with a deadly nerve agent shows clearly that man’s inhumanity to man has not changed for the better through scientific advancements, but quite the contrary, it has made man more lethal.

By the skin of our teeth, we have thus far avoided a centralized global government. Less than a century ago, for a few dreadful years, our world tottered on the edge of a knife and Satan’s global dominion was almost achieved. Were it not for the arrogance of Hitler to attack the Soviet Union before annihilating the Western threat, Satan would have achieved his goal already in the last century. However, that threat comes not just from men with military methods.

Every attempt at globalization in the last century coming from the West, beginning with the League of Nations, continuing with the United Nations, and the establishment of the World Banking system which they hope to culminate in the One World Government with a global currency shall ever be a step toward an absolute tyranny.

We find ourselves in a world where this centralized global tyranny is looming both from the west and the east. The establishment of a Global Charter by those desiring to dissolve national distinctions in the West will no doubt be promoted as necessary to counter the rise of the Islamic globalist threat worldwide. But, heed my warning- the establishment of a centralized global government either from the West or from the East in one fell swoop, shall render our Constitution as a subordinate and meaningless charter.

 All of our cherished rights and the idea that the government draws its power by the consent of the governed can be wiped out in a single political move if the globalists on either side are allowed to have their way. To this end, the establishment here in the West has been carefully allowing the Jihadist movement to succeed globally. Their wars have not been waged to eradicate Islamic Terrorism completely. ISIS should never have existed, had we not allowed it. And even if they had formed, we could have stopped them at the very beginning.

Why did the last administration try to hand over Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the mother of all Jihadist organizations except Hezbollah, who was birthed from the Shiites in Iran? Why did they hand over Libya to the Muslim Brotherhood? Were they trying to unite all Sunni Muslims under the Muslim Brotherhood?

In their cunning minds, they mean to create such calamity that the people of the world would give up their liberties for physical security. Their diabolic plan shall not, however, go as they plan. It may backfire. They arrogantly rely too much on their technology and underestimate the power of hatred.

Nevertheless, technology itself shall become a terror. Never before in human history has mankind reached a level of such sophistication in technology that the power possessed by such men could wreak a level of carnage and brutality, as we possess today. I am not speaking only of the destructive capability through modern nuclear weapons, but of the capacity to completely and utterly control the masses in every aspect of their lives.

The ability to spy upon every single human being in the world had never before existed in our entire human history. The danger to our lives and freedom does not come just from nuclear and biological weapons, but by the unimaginable capacity of supercomputers to analyze every bit of information of mega data that is being collected by governments. Our modern governments will know every detail of every single human being they govern- what they like or dislike, what they read, what they buy, what they think. The Orwellian nightmare is at our front door knocking.

Such awesome power can be potentially used for both great good or great evil, as is true of all technology. We are entering an age of uncharted waters, where a tyrant can have complete and absolute tyrannical control of the entire human family on our planet. Now, more than ever before, the centralization of power has reached an apex of lethality and danger to the personal liberties we so cherish as human beings created in the image of God.

If we are to remain free as a people, we must now, more than ever before, be circumspect in electing our leaders. We must not be deceived by political propaganda and empty bluster. We must know that those who lead us share our fundamental worldview regarding the “fallenness” of man, and the need for the checks and balances wisely created by the Founding Forefathers in our Constitution to hamper the rise of tyranny in our nation.

We must safeguard our personal liberties and maintain the division of powers in our Federal government designed by our Founding forefathers, or we shall lose the precious liberties that so many have sacrificed to hand down to us.

We must not allow our politicians to reinterpret our Constitution through Hegelian spectacles or our great nation shall cease to exist as a beacon of liberty and freedom. We must resist judicial and executive overreach in order to maintain a healthy division of power that can foster personal liberties.

Alarmingly, the advances in technology in our age has led to unprecedented levels of surveillance capabilities that strip every single citizen in this great nation of their right to privacy. The NSA leaks which revealed the mass data surveillance being carried out on every citizen is an inevitable stepping stone toward a police state.

The flagrant abuse of power by those in the Federal government, witnessed just recently in our last administration by the weaponization of the IRS and the Intelligence Services surveillance of President-Elect Trump and his team for their own political purposes, clearly shows our nation’s dangerous slide toward a centralized police state. We must not tolerate this. We must oppose this with every fiber of our being, or our children shall become the victims of our own apathy.


Written by Henry Patino

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