Lanterns: The Radicalization of Young America


The Radicalization of Young America


When we hear the term “radicalized”, most Americans think of Muslims, either foreign or native-born citizens, primarily young men between the ages of 18 and 35. We picture them typing away on a computer in a dark basement or apartment for hours at a time frequenting radical Islamic websites or Facebook pages.

While this form of radicalization is certainly a problem, a new form of homegrown radicalization is growing rapidly. It comes in the form of what appears to be normal average college students. Many parents have experienced sending their newly graduated high school aged children off to college. They are confident in the knowledge that the values they have taught those children will serve them well as they go off into the world to make their way and become educated in the field they have chosen. Fast forward to the first time those college students come home, perhaps for Thanksgiving or Christmas. What greets those parents at the door with empty stomachs and piles of dirty laundry in no way resembles the child they sent off to State U. They are being educated all right, but definitely not in the way their parents are paying thousands of dollars a semester for. Education is not the right description. It is indoctrination. No, let’s go one step further, it is radicalization.

It is no secret to Conservatives that Liberals not only dominate the media, but also college campuses. The faculties of those campuses are now teeming with those who came of age in those heady days of the 60’s. Those gray haired professors of today are the pot smoking, Volkswagen bus driving ideologues who skipped a lot of classes to protest the Vietnam War, attend love-ins, and revolt against every value and norm in American society. It may take them a bit longer to climb in and out of the VW, but their ideologies and their politics are just as radical as ever.

If there is any doubt about what is being fed to America’s college students, a January 2016 article from revealed that a study done by the Open Syllabus Project, a group that monitors books and other study materials assigned to students showed that among the top three most assigned texts to students to read was Karl Marx’s, “The Communist Manifesto”. The Bible, no where to be found on the list.

The ideal has always been that America’s universities are the bastion of new ideas and debate, thinking outside the box. One of the biggest debates of course, climate change. The climate change debate has been around for a while. It used to be known as global warming, but as more global warming symposiums and meetings were being cancelled due to snow in April in various places, a more, well, inclusive term was needed.

Liberals insist “the science has been decided”, that is questionable at best. What is not in question is the fact that climate change, and catch words like “sustainability” have been forced upon today’s college age students since they were in elementary school, and has made its most ardent activists like Former Vice-President Al Gore a millionaire many times over. The future leaders of America are not being taught that those at the top of the activist chain like Gore reap the wealth of these ideas while those at the bottom are asked to live as sparse a lifestyle as possible, to save the planet of course. Sounds a bit like socialism.

But college students don’t know that climate change is a noble idea masking an ideology like socialism because they are simply not taught what socialism is. The number of students who voted for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in last year’s Democrat Presidential primaries is proof. The laundry list of free goodies that Sanders promised sounded like Utopia, or at the very least Sweden or Denmark. What would have resulted however would have been more like Venezuela. But ask your garden-variety college student which system he would rather live under, socialism or capitalism, and little Johnny will put his budding radicalization on full display. Capitalism is EVIL! It is unfair! Capitalism has oppressed and destroyed more people than any system in the world! And then comes what has replaced teaching things like socialism might not be a good idea, anti-Americanism. A core tenet of American radicalization is that America is the bad guy. America has lied, stolen, cheated, oppressed, and discriminated its way to the top of the heap. It must be stopped; it must be brought down, by any means necessary. Abraham Lincoln is no hero, not a hero as in people like virulent racist Che Guevara. Because after all, how could an old white guy on a T-shirt be cooler than Che?

America is in great danger of losing an entire generation, and that loss will come in the form of history not taught or taught incorrectly. It will come in the form of that generation having a limited love of their country and the true ideals it was founded upon.

Abraham Lincoln, that president many college students could not identify if they had to, once said, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”.

We may be well on the way.

Written by Becky Noble

I live in St. Louis (GO CARDS!) with my husband Randy and our 50 lb Border Collie Jezzie.

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