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Some say that with the election of Donald Trump brings fear back into politics. What is fear in politics?  The Greeks believed it was one of the three strongest motives for action, the other two being honor and interest.  Liberals fear the “torrent of edicts flowing in and out of the White House on a daily basis” well as “Trump’s bullying”.  Actually, they fear much more than that.  I even know Conservatives who have the same fears.  I am a Conservative and never voted for Trump, and my fears couldn’t be farther from those.

Although there are a fair share of snakes in politics, let’s put politics aside for a bit if you will, and talk about the real thing.  If you asked me what is the one thing that you feared the most, besides having to have a root canal, my answer would be snakes.  I don’t know why, but I cannot even watch an episode of National Geographic and see a snake on it without cringing and having nightmares of it. The symbol of a snake means death or evil (Satan) to me.  So ultimately, it is the end result of what a snake does that I am afraid of.  But even knowing, of course, that “the only thing to fear is fear itself”, it does not matter what I have been put up against in my entire life:  I still am deathly afraid of snakes!

Here we see one of my ultimate fears (besides a snake coming in from a drain in the house): a snake pops out of the hood of the truck WHILE THESE GUYS ARE DRIVING.  

Eeeek!!!  I’d have to stop short and get out of the vehicle as fast as I could before I got into a wreck.

Am I alone here?  So what can I, and others like me, do about this severe fear of snakes? Some have told me hypnotism, some have suggested confronting the fear head on – actually coming in contact with a snake repetitively to decrease the anxiety.  None of these suggestions appeal to me.  It has also been suggested that I change my mind about snakes; that I actually learn to like them.  Now, this sounds a lot better; I mean, I am a loving person and I would rather love than hate.  Besides, I am an animal lover; maybe I could be a reptile lover?  Of course, I would have to learn about life from a snake’s perspective in order to give it a fair shake, wouldn’t I?

Which brings me back to Donald Trump.  Conservatives need to ask themselves “what is it that I am I afraid of?”  If you are shrieking and running around screaming about Donald Trump, still stating the same things that liberals are stating, ask yourself if maybe you should consider changing your mind about our new president.  Sometimes seeing things from a different perspective sheds new skin on the matter.


Written by Sharon Crosby

Conservative Christian mother of 2 with a BS in Nursing and a Master's Degree in Healthcare Management. Passionate about getting our country back to its founding principles, she currently brings in talent to Lanterns as the Human Resources Director.

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Nicely done, Sharon! When I was in high school, I was terribly afraid of snakes also, but my biology teacher believed we could learn more about animals by observing them than by dissecting them (thank goodness!). Unfortunately, I had to care for a snake! I won't say it changed my mind on snakes, but... it helped me to "shed some skin," as you said. Hehehe. The same must be true in politics, I think. And it's important... because whether we like it or not, Trump IS the president now. Great piece! Pax!

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