Lanterns: The Dialectic of Desire: Quality Education - Understanding Leftist Intent and Marxism


The Dialectic of Desire: Quality Education - Understanding Leftist Intent and Marxism

Marxism is a broken mirror, imaged by a broken few.

As for us, we were never concerned with the Kantian-priestly and vegetarian-Quaker prattle about the ‘sacredness of human life.’" - Leon Trotsky

Never underestimate or misconstrue the mindset of the Left. There is good reason for their well-deserved and self-anointed label of “Godless". They have earned it and wear it on their sleeve, with honor, like some kind of Kafkaesque Boy Scout badge for Elitism. Do not think that this godlessness is somehow limited or lessened by time, borders, or a nation’s historical identity. First and foremost, the Left is always the Left anywhere and at any time. They are the “Elite” and wholeheartedly believe that they, and only they, hold the answer to humanity’s joint problem. That problem is man’s belief that he is a sovereign being in control of his own destiny. This “problem” is identified by those who allow for the fact that they are, indeed “lessor beings” in a “grander scheme of things” and it is known as the concept of free will. Critical Hypocrisy Allowance is mandatory in neo-Marxist thinking. The critical hypocrisy here is the “forced allowance” for their diversity in their multi-cultural, borderless society. The allowance for situations and conditions that are contrary to common sense and even science is compulsory and those who question the logic or morality of these “choices,” made on our behalf are to be bullied into compliance. The socialist utopia cannot emerge and become until all mankind is on board, tugging on the same rope and in the proper direction: “Forward."


Forward is a standard that cannot be quantified. Forward is a quality that describes only one thing that carries any certainty and that is movement in the direction faced. Forward to what: the future?


That nonsense hardly requires a slogan for that movement is assured by the nature of our space-time continuum. Logic dictates that while standing at the edge of a precipice such as the Grand Canyon or a global economic meltdown that any direction other than forward would be, with no doubt whatsoever the better choice. But that’s logic.


Logic doesn’t comply with Leftism and is thus banned from the reality they have constructed surrounding their ideology, what we know as The Narrative. Not only is the Left in general and the Marxist, Far-Left in particular godless, they operate in a world in which logic and common sense have been utterly rejected in favor of emotional satisfaction. There is a standard of definition, created through logic with an understanding and appreciation for history for the condition inherent to their design and “dystopian” is that standard.


Return to Eden: A Social Collective with God

With one decision, one bite of the apple man accepts choice and his assumption of control. This acceptance of control comes with a cost; a degree of separation from God. Along with free-willed sovereignty, considered in Western Civilization to be the natural state of humanity comes responsibility and the burden of consequence. This is unconditionally accepted with the decision of choice. Perhaps a longing to return to this idyllic, pre-natured state of mankind drives the movement toward what is known today as Command Economy Socialism.

Processed through the misunderstandings of human desire and misplaced necessity, a “delusion” of self-control is fostered and personal sovereignty is handed over to a higher authority. That authority is realized with its being seen as a caring and nurturing system of government. That vision is false and what we are left with is the elitist ideology of Collective Salvation and the total control of all to insure its coming into being. The fruit born of Command Economy Socialism and its tenet of Collective Salvation is absolute power and total control.

Totalitarianism is the finality of what lies “forward”.


Accessing Human Nature: Social Engineering and Pavlov’s Dog

The ultimate and most critical hypocrisy of the Marxist elite is the decision made that the removal of free will must be accomplished by any and all means necessary to raise the rest of humanity up to their level of perfection... That they have chosen to remove your ability, your mental capacity to decide and choose through the implementation of politically-correct bullying measures, psychological manipulations and finally, with force when it inevitably happens anyway... They simply blow that ability and those last stubborn vestiges of free will out the back of your head.


Compliance with this free-willed decision to remove free will is mandatory.

Disassociation from emotion is instrumental to the new man they wish to create -- thus the bullet through brain processing engaged when reeducation fails to take root by those who've ascended to absolute power where it does. Breaking the human spirit requires an emotionally geared attack. Fear is the vehicle often utilized to return man's nature to a reptilian self-preservation response-mode that can be conditioned with Pavlovian methods into the desired, utopian finality: A fundamentally-transformed humanity.


If they feel it necessary to murder a few million in order to instate this fear-generated opening into the psyche, their entire history shows that they both can and will take that step and then some... all the while feeling justified with the course of their actions. This is their conditioning and of course reveals another onion-like layer of Critical Hypocrisy; the structural manner in which Leftism is constructed. They are quite happy when they see that the only emotion you respond to is fear. When the fear subsides to misery they know their work has finished and you will behave properly. Hope and change are the last things that will cross your new, improved and thoroughly encapsulated, communist mind.


This is their belief Nothing should be considered outside the boundaries of possibility with godless people. They speak, constantly of change, but never change. They want you to be what they will not and cannot. They live outside their own morality that they hold over others like a machete intent on cleaving human evil, like the greed of self-worthiness from the face of the Earth. Understand they are capable to this day of the greatest evil imaginable. This reality of which they do not recognize is inherent to their nature, by their design… their moral conditioning. To hope otherwise, simply allows this nature to metastasize and be set into play.


Bill Ayers (pictured), a Marxist professor of education and supposed American has reportedly stated that fifty million fellow Americans will need to undergo re-education during the paradigm shift into Marxist Socialism. He follows with, half, or twenty-five million will not properly respond to their Pavlovian reconditioning and will need further processing. Ayers and his ilk are eyeball deep in our current President, Barack Obama’s upbringing and ideological formatting. It should be understood that the tools necessary to create this unthinkable reality are in place.

The question is: Can Barack Obama's elite, narcissism overcome his caution and any decency which may have slipped through his Far Left grooming?


Quantity and Quality

Marxists believe there is a point in the transformation of matter, including matter in a human form they refer to as, “when quantity turns into quality". This terminology denotes a breaking point, a point of no return when the processing of something has reached a state of inevitability and true change can be actualized. Water exists in two forms at its boiling point. Water at this temperature remains liquid until a set amount of heat known as latent heat is added. When this precise amount of additional heat has been applied, liquid water changes its nature into steam. The steam remains at the boiling point temperature despite the application of the extra heat. This is true change. In essence this is the political climate Marxists strive for. This precise point between states is where radical change happens. The Marxist worldview of Historical Materialism describes a social evolution mankind must follow. It is a predetermined reality leading humanity through the actuality of capitalism and into the Marxist Utopia beyond. This is considered undisputed social science and fuels the intent of Marxism.

Marxists and Leftists entrenched in a common ideology feel free to use any means possible to bring forth this end and carry no guilt whatsoever in the manner which it is wrought. This includes lying and cheating as in political posturing and outright election fraud, deceit, the infliction of pain and misery as found in their policies afflicting the poor and minority factions of society, chaining them to this station to ensure their compliant vote. Of course we cannot neglect to mention the elimination by torture and death of any and all types of political or ideological opposition.

Can what has occurred previously in the name of Leftist intent happen here?


You're damned right it can.

To assume that one's Americanism rises above one's Leftism, as Ayers’ reality shows, is a dangerous assumption to say the least. Marxism is a virus meant to void humanity to make room for an idealized version. We are steeped in it.

Why all this? What’s the reason for this dissertation?


“Obama's victory was more than a progressive move; it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle. Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary 'mole,' not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through” -- Frank Chapman: Communist activist and a member of the communist front group the World Peace Council.

It was the use of the term "qualitatively" in describing this "new era of struggle"... When Marxist use the terminology of "Quantity" and “Quality” you must understand that they mean drastic, major change has entered the system... our political mainstream.

And it doesn’t end with Barack Obama.

Again, forward is a standard that cannot be quantified. Forward is a quality that describes only one thing that carries any certainty and that is movement in the direction faced.

Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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