Lanterns: CNBC’s John Harwood Claims “White Fear” Caused Losses Under Obama


CNBC’s John Harwood Claims “White Fear” Caused Losses Under Obama

CNBC journalist, John Harwood, says "white fear" was one of the key reasons for the Democrats' losses during President Obama's tenure.

The Democrats lost over 1,000 seats under Obama, including Congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency itself, FOX News reported.

Harwood took to Twitter to explain the Democrats loss of power over the last eight years. He suggested the key factors for this were due to the financial crises, Republican opposition to the affordable care act, and "white fear of a cultural change."

Harwood added that it’s “silly” to blame Obama for hurting the Democratic party, and reminded people that the last five presidents saw their chambers of Congress flipped during their tenure.

When Obama was elected president in 2008, the Democratic party had control of Congress. However, the party started to implode when they lost the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014.  Next, President-elect, Donald Trump, defeated Hillary Clinton, giving the GOP control of the White House, as well.

Recently Harwood was one of the liberal journalists exposed by WikiLeaks for their tight relationship to the Clinton campaign, the Daily Caller reported.  

“Harwood went out of his way to lavish praise on Hillary Clinton in other emails to Podesta, which was among thousands of emails made public by WikiLeaks.”

He received heavy criticism as a moderator for his bias questions against Trump and for also secretly asking Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta what questions he should ask Jeb Bush during the Republican Primary Debate. 







Written by Christian Montoya

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