Lanterns: Purging the Intelligentsia


Purging the Intelligentsia

How many of you have heard of the above phrase? It should, quite frankly, frighten the hell out of you. 

It rather goes something like this:

Imagine there’s a knock at your door, right now. Go answer it. 

Outside is a plain clothed man, very average, wearing a shirt and tie. He’s with a uniformed police officer. He shows you a badge and tells you that you need to come with him to the police station. Being a good citizen, you go with him, nervous and unsure, but cooperative. But he doesn’t take you to the police station, or rather, not the public police station. No.

Secret Police. 

You are taken to an interrogation room and he sits down with you across the table. He shows you your file. Oh yes, they have one. 

It seems you are a creative, a writer, painter even, a poet maybe, or a musician. That’s very nice. The problem, however, is that you are documented as being, shall we say, critical to the regime. He produces photographs of your work, the critical documented and highlighted. 

It needs to stop, he tells you. And he produces two other items. 

A gun, and a picture of your family. 

In the future, perhaps, you might consider a more mundane creative pursuit. 

Consider this a warning, he says. And have a nice day. 

You go home with a very clear message. They’ve been merciful in giving you a heads up. 

Further infractions may result in more, stringent, measures, to ensure your cooperation. 

A loved one beaten, imprisoned, raped, or executed, or you may simply be taken out to the curb and shot in the back of the head. It’s just that simple. If you are fortunate enough to be wealthy and you time it right, you may escape the country. If, like most of us, you are not. You’re basically screwed.

No appeals to the legal system, the judicial system, the deck is stacked.

Now, before you laugh this scenario off, take note that it’s not that this could never happen, but rather, it already has. Communist Russia executed literally thousands of writers, artists, creatives of every type, during the Great Purge. The Nazis executed thousands of Germans, Poles, Jews, and others belonging to the creative “intelligentsia” in a program that was called ”Intelligenzaktion,” a secret genocide.

The Spanish government during their civil wars executed more than 200,000 teachers, educators, writers, and creative during what became known as the ”White Terror.”

The Khmer Rouge of Pol Pot created the ”Killing fields.” 

Over and over throughout history, it has happened. 

And it will happen again, if a dictatorship of any kind, rises in America. 

You see, just the other night, I saw a perfect example of how and why. 

A friend of mine, and fellow writer, Josie Jackson, had an interview on Battlefield Radio with Chris Pilie and Susan Swift, and it resonated with me and caused me to seriously appreciate the diffusion effect of knowledge that was taking place in which three Americans were sharing ideas about their country. The importance of what we do cannot be overstated. 

We could be harmed for it. 

Now consider the actions of Antifa, and Berkely, and other institutions of higher learning. 

Free speech is being shut down, vilified, and threatened with violence. 

Listen. Can you hear it?

A knock at the door. 

Written by Ben Coleman

Freelance author, historian and Navy veteran. Find him at

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Very well done. I felt the knock at the door when I watched antifa at Berkeley. I was in shock they were supported by the police. People laughed saying they were kids, I didnt believe it. I knew they were adults using kids...just like Ferguson

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