Lanterns: Trigger Warning: One Year Later


Trigger Warning: One Year Later

My beloved grandfather was a living history book. As a little girl, I would sit enchanted for hours by his tales of living through the Great Depression and fighting in World War II. He lived through events that were not easy for him to talk about, but, I am so grateful for the historical gifts he shared.

His brother and best friend, John, fought beside him as the United States stormed the beach at Normandy, France. My grandfather survived this victorious battle and lived to tell the tale. Uncle John, regretfully paid the ultimate sacrifice, as a German sniper took his life. Still engaged in the midst of a ferocious battle, my grandfather buried his little brother on that beach in Normandy.  With no time to shed a tear for his baby brother, he had to pull himself up in order to finish the fight. It would be two years before the United States recovered John’s body and sent it back home to his final resting place in Brooklyn, New York.

My grandfather went on to have a 35-year career as a police officer with the NYPD. When he passed away four years ago, I was never so proud to call him my grandfather! His wake was an homage to his greatness; many strangers came to show respect and share stories of how he had helped them and made their lives brighter. All of the family shared his stories of going hungry so his siblings could eat during the Great Depression, and how he bravely fought the Nazis in World War II.  Now he would be reunited with John, and they could finish the most epic stickball game ever played in Heaven.

November 9th marked one year since the dawn of a new era in American politics, and I still contend with anger and hatred from the Left. Imagine my disgust when people whom I once considered “friends,” post Nazi symbols on my Twitter feed, claiming that Trump supporters like me were“hateful Nazis” hellbent on “Making America White Again!” Let me get this straight – I was being compared to a group of evil murderers who seized political control of a country, suppressed all opposition by horrifically starving, imprisoning, and executing people who didn’t think the way they did? I’m compared to this heinous group because I want fiscal conservatism, a strict constitutional interpretation, a secure border, EXISTING laws followed, and economic opportunity?

I fail to see how the two are related. It is not lost on me which side claims to fight hatred while perpetuating hate and violence. I never called President Obama’s supporters names when he won the office because that would be wrong. I respect people enough to accept that not everyone will share my political ideology, and that you don’t always win.  I’m mature enough to recognzie the human value in a life even if we see the best America through different lenses. 

The political tantrum of the left is an embarrassment. After last year’s election, secondary schools in Manhattan and Boston had to block off periods for grief counseling because of the Donald Trump was victorious. Aside from therapy dogs, which were reportedly offered at the University of Massachusetts and the University of Kansas, some college campuses offered Play-Doh and “coloring therapy” to help students deal with the post-election trauma. Dozens of Cornell University students gathered for a “cry-in” on campus where staff provided chocolate and tissues.  

My grandfather buried his little brother’s body on a beach with no casket and then got up to fight against the Nazis, and these crybabies need therapy dogs, grief counseling, and crayons because they didn’t win?


Is this the outcome of the pop-psychology generation where we no longer keep score in little league games and everyone gets a medal for trying? Whatever will they do if they ever face a real problem?  Is joining a hate group like Antifa the solution for the disaffected who find themselves on the opposite side of the MAGA Movement?  I fail to see how wearing your best black pajamas and ski masks while screaming about fascism in between lighting garbage cans on fire and hurling bricks is a solution.

Due to my support for President Trump, I am called a “racist,” despite the fact that I donated to Ben Carson’s campaign. I am called a “bigot” because I want EXISTING immigration laws enforced. I am called a “disgrace to women,” despite Hillary Clinton’s history of destroying the women sexually harassed by her husband. I am denied jobs in the entertainment industry because of my work with the Trump campaign, and a famous actor threatened to quit a production when he found out about my political activism.  It seems to me the only racist, bigoted disgraces are the intolerant lefties who vilify those who have an opposing view.

I witnessed Donald Trump fight the Democratic regime, the media smear machine, and even his own political party to become the 45th President of the United States. President Trump reminds me a lot of my grandfather. Sometimes you would cringe from the statements that flew from my grandfather’s mouth; they were certainly not politically correct. However, in President Trump fashion, my grandfather had a heart of gold and always wanted the best for his country. He was loyal, generous, and tough as nails. Do no harm, but take no nonsense.

Sensitive liberals take heed! Consider this your trigger warning as the next paragraph may cause you to seek comfort in a “Safe Space.”

To all of the drum-circling, gentle snowflakes that need to hug a therapy teddybear: President Trump is going to make America great again. Stop making a mockery of our democratic process by rioting, burning flags, and calling everyone who doesn’t agree with you a “Nazi.”  Since Trump won the Presidential Election, our nation has seen record economic growth and over 1 million new jobs have been added. Perhaps even a Liberal might enjoy the opportunity and prosperity that the Trump Administration has delivered.

I hope I gave you something to think about while you Tweet, “capitalism sucks” on your brand new iPhone as you suck down a $6.00 caramel macchiato. Maybe ponder how “Love Trumps Hate” as you destroy our cities during your “peaceful” protests. Maybe mommy and daddy succumbed to your crying, but this nation was built by people that didn’t have time to cry. They were defending your right to act like a sore loser and electronically sign petitions to banish the electoral college.

Written by Traci Belmonte

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I cannot even imagine he strength of character and the discipline it would take to bury your baby brother, then get right back up and continue the fight. I just cannot imagine it. God bless your family, Traci. What a sacrifice they gave.

Spot on Traci with your article. Sadly the snowflakes were created in part by the Baby Boomers that grew up with rules and consequences and didn't want their children to suffer the terrible feeling of a swat on the bare skin of their butt by a strap. Spare the rod and spoil the child? In time, this pampered bubble wrapped generation will be making decisions for us when we are old and feeble. It scares the carp out of me. I would go out and buy a gun for my safety, but according to Illinois (and many other states laws) if you are on any type of social program for depression, anxiety, have been instituted, YOU CANNOT OWN A GUN. So, the 2nd amendment everyone was up in arms about is already watered down. Sorry if I got off on a tangent...old age seeping in. Great article and your Grandfather, and Uncle will never be forgotten as long as you teach others about their greatness. :)

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