Lanterns: Change Is The Price Of Progress - Part 2


Change Is The Price Of Progress - Part 2

Since change is the price of progress, another thing to practice is your personal expression.

Express yourself!

Don’t hide from what you feel. It keeps emotions from building up within. It also builds your confidence. Show yourself without masks or excuses. Although you may be vulnerable, there is a strength that comes with that transparency. Weak people have to hide things from others. I am who I am, and that is just how God made me. I can use things that caused me to stumble in the past to grow and become stronger.

Does it ever make you nervous to say what you are really thinking? I used to get so nervous because I have been afraid to express myself--  mostly because I feared a negative reaction. I have realized recently that it DOES make a difference when I express myself, rather than holding it in! I feel less stress when I stop worrying about what another will think of my personal expression and enjoy the freedom of being me. 

Sometimes it is just how God chooses to USE you for someone else's growth. Just like in my story yesterday, my mother-in-law was the tool for my personal growth. She was content to express herself, and that expression resulted in an exponential growth for me. So, express yourself. Be clear, avoid using emotional manipulation, but express yourself. 

Written by Ashley Carman

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