Lanterns: Change Is The Price Of Progress - Part 3


Change Is The Price Of Progress - Part 3

So, when we are walking through changes in our lives, I have shared two particular ideas that have worked for me. Those ideas are; first, realize that you are not always right, and second, express yourself. This next idea may seem a little odd at first, but bear with me. 

Lose the rose colored glasses.

Learn to view situations from more than one vantage point. If you are not thinking about it, you are feeling it. NEVER view from the “feeling” vantage point alone. Just because something has always ‘been’ a certain way doesn’t necessitate the need for it remaining that way. You should never move to make any decision at all based on your feelings alone. You should always think it through and seek wisdom and counsel from a mentor or accountability partner. I say this because you need someone who will not simply tell you what you want to hear, but in honesty, give you the truth. They will try to stop you if you are making a big mistake because they love you.

We choose to keep lenses on that aren’t exactly truth–  it’s what we expect to see. I have been so guilty of viewing situations with my own rose colored glasses that when they were removed, I went into shock! If we make a CHOICE not to put those lenses on, to begin with, we can remove so much emotional turmoil from ourselves! 

Once we are looking at things as they are, life is much simpler! You get so much more joy out of life if you can simplify!

My marriage is one place that I used to wear those glasses. I expected things to be one way, [insert glasses on vantage point] and when they went awry, I panicked. Matt and I struggled to get through it all, but honestly, after embracing God and putting Him in the CENTER of our lives, we were better because of it. I NOW know that I had a jaded view of what marriage was supposed to be. I had watched a warped version of relationships for years and years and that wiped out my ability to look for positive things within a relationship.

He [Matt] is the light of my life and even if it seems cliché, I’d be lost without him. I’m so thankful that I have someone like him to share this thing called life with. It warms my heart to know that we have fought hard to offer our three daughters a positive example of what a healthy relationship looks like. 


Written by Ashley Carman

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Nice article, Ashley. I find such hope in the notion that we even CAN change! Goodness knows none of us are "finished" yet. :)

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