Lanterns: A Golden Globes Preview: Hollywood Hypocrisy on Full Display


A Golden Globes Preview: Hollywood Hypocrisy on Full Display

Hollywood hypocrisy will be taken to new heights this Sunday at the Golden Globes as the residents of La La Land begin their self-worshiping season celebrating over-inflated egos and dismal box office returns. 

Tone Deaf Tour Continues


Last year after Hillary’s defeat, the Golden Globes was nothing more than an anti-Trump bash-fest. SNL alum and late night host, Seth Meyers, will host the 75th Golden Globes Awards, and I’m sure that viewers can expect more of the same.  Trump derangement syndrome will still reign supreme.  Trump jokes will abound, and in the end, there will be no sexual abuser alive worse than the sitting president.

The #Resist movement becomes #MeToo, and don’t forget that Streep—  #SheKnew


It’s been confirmed that celebrities will bravely and courageously support victims of sexual harassment by wearing black to the Golden Globes this year.  (They’re so self-sacrificing!)

Kira Davis at RedState said it best:

What do you do if you’ve been outed as a greedy, selfish hypocrite who can’t stop their constant moralizing to flyover America? You start a protest and find an appropriate accessory, of course!

Meryl Streep – the most accomplished actress in Hollywood who knew everything and did nothing – has decided to accessorize her moral superiority by wearing black to the Golden Globes as a silent protest against Hollywood sexual misconduct.

This is the same Meryl Streep, who declared Harvey Weinstein a “god” at the Globes in 2012, and gave a standing ovation for convicted child-rapist, Roman Polanski after he was awarded best director at the Academy Awards in 2003. 

#MeToo will be a staple in everyone’s speeches, however, not one of the now-disgraced sexual predators will be specifically named— except President Trump, of course.  Faux outrage will be directed at Melania and Ivanka while the true abusers will continue to write checks that Ms. Streep and her ilk will keep cashing.  The #Silence will be deafening. 

All that’s old and unoriginal, is still, old and unoriginal


She’ s baaack!! Rumor has it that disgraced comedian, Kathy Griffin, will make an appearance with none other than that bastion of pro-feminism, Trump impersonator, Alex Baldwin.  Virtue signaling will abound as they insult middle America.  Celebrities will give them a standing ovation for the same tired Trump attacks and all will be forgiven, except by those who would buy tickets to their shows. The #ToneDeafTrain keeps chugging along.

The more they continue to politicize these award shows, movies, sports, etc., the smaller their audience becomes, and the fewer tickets they sell.  Clearly, they’ve learned nothing from #TakeAKnee and the dismal NFL tickets sales. 

However, don’t expect anything to change.  Despite the fact that ticket sales are at an almost 22-year low, Hollywood will continue to moralize and virtual signal with their meaningless #hashtag campaigns, but sadly, nothing will really change— whether it’s their hatred for Trump or the insidious swamp in which they live.


Written by Erma O'Bryan

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