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Faith in Atheism: Sovereign Assumption

First things first... Sexuality or any preconceived notions in this area had no role, and no gender was assumed in the course of writing this article. I, personally assign this to sequential rather than gender specificit

Happy Earth Day, Vladimir

The Dialectic of Desire: Global Warming - Part Two Happy Earth Day, Vladimir... by John Frost Marxism is a broken mirror; imaged by a broken few “We must pursue the removal of church property by any

Left to Right: A Fundamental Transformation - A Bill, Long Overdue

Left to Right: A Fundamental Transformation - A Bill, Long Overdue Slick Willie: Triangulation, Transgression and Truth A Conservative Dialectic By John Frost If nothing else, Willie was slick, wearing shad

Faith in Atheism: Sciency Stuff - Part One

By John Frost  This mini-series: Faith in Atheism consists of five Conservative Dialectic articles covering the science aspect of Atheism and one Dialectic of Desire article detailing the political side of

The Dialectic of Desire: Hegel - A Conservative Point of View

March to Oblivion Nietzsche, Hegel, Marx and Bill Maher    "World history is a court of judgment" -- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel        The Dialectic in Praxis

Fake News: Serenity Now - A Conservative Dialectic

“It’s madness... madness I say” -- Bill Whittle Science Desk … ta ta ta ta ta ta This just in: Welcoming a new standard—the level of ignorance, theorized as necessary to misc

The Dialectic of Desire: Transitions - Send in the E.P.A.... The

Environmental Concerns What a mess. It doesn’t take a genius, an Einstein, to see what’s going on here. Like the old song says, “Signs, signs, everywhere are signs, ” and we are inundated with

The Dialectic of Desire: Nietzsche, a Conservative Dialectic

"God is dead" -- Friedrich Nietzsche   Friedrich Nietzsche didn't believe in truth. He didn't believe anything was important. He didn't believe in purpose, in life, or in himself. Friedric

California Daydreaming: A Conservative Dialectic

  California Daydreaming All the jobs are green, their politicians red, And I heard them talk the talk, once again instead... California’s got themselves in a bit of a bind. A dam is getting ready to

A Conservative Dialectic: The Seven-Second Attention Span In 500 Words Or Less

Cultural Degradation: The Seven-Second Attention Span What is our civilization's greatest concern? Is it Islamic terrorism? Maybe it's the far left's attempt to undo our greatness with their attack on our

The Dialectic of Desire: Play-dohs Republic - Don’t Trigger Me, Bro... A Conservative Dialectic

"Overheard" on the internet... "Violent protest is why we are a country today." Antithesis: Trigger Warning The Boston Tea Party, which I assume you're referencing in your false, and decepti

The Dialectic of Desire: Bill Maher's March to Oblivion

Bill Maher believes what he wants to believe - that he has the ability and the right to see the world as he sees fit. Facts apply only when applied by him. Others are inconsequential and dismissed as beneath him. Bill