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Results for Alabama's Senate Special Election Primary

(l to r) Mo Brooks, Roy Moore, Luther Strange A few days ago I wrote a preview about the upcoming primary election in Alabama, that was held on August 15th, to select a candidate to fill the remainder of Attorney Gene

Are People Really Fed Up With the GOP? At Least in Alabama We'll Know Soon

On August 15th Alabama will have a primary to select a replacement for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions following his appointment as the US Attorney General. The winner will serve until the 2020 elections. The

Walter Heyer and Gender Dysphoria

The Three Faces of Walter Heyer Let me state up front that when it comes to sexual orientation and transgenderism, I take the libertarian approach, in that as long as someone is an adult, it's not up to me to make

The Elections are Coming, The Elections are Coming. Oh My.

2018 Senate Seats up for Election Blue = Currently held by a Democrat Red = Currently held by a Republican Yellow = Currently held by an Independent Who's excited about next year's elections? Yeah

The Proper Way to Celebrate Independence Day

In today's America, the original meaning of so many holidays has been diminished beyond their original purpose. Most recently we recognized Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor the many who have sacrificed their li

History of Flag Day and the Pledge of Allegiance

Flag Day Though it now receives less attention than National Doughnut Day, Flag Day falls on June 14th every year, and with that in mind, I looked into its history.  According to the report, the original Flag

The Worst of the Worst Republicans in Congress

Conservative Review has released its most recent list of the Top 25 RINOs or the most liberal voting Republicans in Congress: Paul Ryan; Representative from WI; 18 years in DC John McCain; Senator from AZ; 30 yea

Misunderstanding History-- the James Madison Edition

First Amendment to the United Stated Constitution Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or

Who Do You Trust

The big news on Tuesday was all about whether President Donald Trump provided top secret information to Russian diplomats during their meeting on May 10th (the day following the firing of FBI director James Comey). This

Fixing the Internet - Update

On Monday I shared the oped: "Why I'm trying to change how the FCC regulates the Internet" written by the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) new Commissioner Ajit Pai. That article is where he di

Fixing the Internet

Prior to the previous Administration, the internet largely stayed free of strict government oversight and was allowed to flourish. That framework changed two years ago when the Federal Communications Commission, under Pr

Which Side Truly Came Out Ahead in Georgia's 6th District Special Election?

On Tuesday, March 18th, there was a special election held in Georgia's 6th Congressional District, which included the northern suburbs of Atlanta, to serve out the remainder of Tom Price's term. Tom Price left Co

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