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History of Flag Day and the Pledge of Allegiance

Flag Day Though it now receives less attention than National Doughnut Day, Flag Day falls on June 14th every year, and with that in mind, I looked into its history.  According to the report, the original Flag

The Worst of the Worst Republicans in Congress

Conservative Review has released its most recent list of the Top 25 RINOs or the most liberal voting Republicans in Congress: Paul Ryan; Representative from WI; 18 years in DC John McCain; Senator from AZ; 30 yea

Misunderstanding History-- the James Madison Edition

First Amendment to the United Stated Constitution Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or

Who Do You Trust

The big news on Tuesday was all about whether President Donald Trump provided top secret information to Russian diplomats during their meeting on May 10th (the day following the firing of FBI director James Comey). This

Fixing the Internet - Update

On Monday I shared the oped: "Why I'm trying to change how the FCC regulates the Internet" written by the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) new Commissioner Ajit Pai. That article is where he di

Fixing the Internet

Prior to the previous Administration, the internet largely stayed free of strict government oversight and was allowed to flourish. That framework changed two years ago when the Federal Communications Commission, under Pr

Which Side Truly Came Out Ahead in Georgia's 6th District Special Election?

On Tuesday, March 18th, there was a special election held in Georgia's 6th Congressional District, which included the northern suburbs of Atlanta, to serve out the remainder of Tom Price's term. Tom Price left Co

Make Your Bed Each Morning and You Might Change The World

While many may not remember the specifics I suspect that most will remember the speech. The speech that I am describing, which has been viewed over 10 million times, was delivered by Four Star (since retired) Admiral Wil

What if Jeb! Bush Was the current President?

Let me start off by saying that I'm generally not a big fan of the "what if" approach to an argument or discussion but I have to admit that Ben Shapiro, in, makes some good points in "When

Arrest Made in Multiple Bomb Threats at Jewish Community Centers

In a report that will likely surprise many and was first reported in The Jerusalem-Post:  A 19-year-old dual American Israeli living in Ashkelon has been arrested, suspected of being behind most of a series of

Introducing an Alternative to the Oscars -- The Flakies

On February 26th, the Hollywood types will meet for this year's edition of The Academy Awards. I'm sure they'll be filled with lots of self-love, sanctimonious speeches, and sermonizing from the likes of

Are You Ready for The Latest Scandal?

A political scandal that rivals the magnitude of the revelation that in high school, Mitt Romney "might" have given a classmate an unwanted haircut has been uncovered.  As a result of intense, investigativ

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