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Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence a Fundamental Risk to Civilization

Speaking to the National Governors Association, Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned U.S. governors that “[artificial intelligence] poses a fundamental risk to the existence of civilization.” The association’s

Justice Kennedy Expected to Retire During Trump Term

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is expected to retire before President Trump leaves office: On Sunday, NPR’s Nina Totenberg dropped a bombshell buried in a story about new Justice Neil Gorsuch, as n

The Best Way to Store Tomatoes is Not How You Think

With summer in full swing, it’s likely most Americans have a few tomatoes either in the garden or sitting on the counter. But what is the best way to store them?  Contrary to popular knowledge, it turns out

Texas Becomes 11th State to Call for Article V Convention

On Thursday the Texas House adopted a resolution calling for a convention of the states. As outlined in Article V of the Constitution, a convention of the states may be held after 34 states have applied to hold such a me

Big Changes at Fox News After O'Reilly Departure

Bill O’Reilly’s departure from Fox News following by multiple allegations of sexual harassment has resulted in big changes at the nation’s leading conservative news network. The Right Scoop reports t

BREAKING: U.S. Launches Attack on Syria

In response to Bashar Al Assad’s chemical weapons attack in Northern Syria, the U.S. has launched a series of Tomahawk balistic missiles into Syria, a senior White House official said. The missiles were directed to

Trump: Chemical Attack in Syria Crossed Many Lines

In a press conference on Wednesday, President Trump responded to the believed chemical weapon attack that took place in Northern Syria, calling the attack an “affront to humanity.” At least 70 people, childre

Trump at CPAC: Forgotten Americans Will Be Forgotten No Longer

Among several things President Trump spoke about were his plans to build a wall along the Southern border, building the Keystone and Dakota pipelines with American steel, and repealing and replacing Obamacare. The best t


Watch the live stream of CPAC 2017 via one of the feeds below. More feeds will be added as they become available. President Trump spoke at CPAC this morning. Watch the full speech here. For a full schedul

WATCH: Sen. Ted Cruz and Mark Levin at CPAC

At CPAC, Senator Ted Cruz and Mark Levin sat down on Thursday morning to discuss the Constitution and why it is necessary to continue to push for constitutional principles, even during a Trump administration.

NASA Finds Seven Earth-Sized Planets that May Hold Water

Scientists at NASA announced on Wednesday the discovery of seven new planets that could contain Earth-like properties. The planets, similar in size to Earth, were found in a nearby solar system referred to as TRAPPIST

Making History: VP Mike Pence Speaks at March for Life

For the first time in history, a sitting vice president spoke at the March for Life. One week after being sworn in, Vice President Pence addressed the atendees at the 44th Annual March for Life Rally in Washington,

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