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The Big Business of College Sports

  One of the biggest complaints about a college education is, of course, the cost. Today’s college graduates can rack up a pretty hefty tab in their quest for a degree. One of the biggest sources of income

Charlottesville: What We Might Not Know

Last weekend, Americans were reminded of their dark underbelly. At a rally to protest the removal of a Confederate monument, violence broke out between supporters of the monument and those in favor of taking it down. Thi

The Three Words Liberals Love Most

Liberals are a curious bunch. Most of us have friends who are Liberals, and sometimes we can have lively and friendly debates and discussions with them--  agree, to disagree, and then have a beer. Other times,

The Radicalization of Young America

  When we hear the term “radicalized”, most Americans think of Muslims, either foreign or native-born citizens, primarily young men between the ages of 18 and 35. We picture them typing away on a comp

The Stages of Jihad: A Well-Organized Plan

Prior to September 11, 2001, most Americans did not know much about Islam. It was a religion that was practiced mainly in the Middle East and was, for the most part, a mystery to many in the West. Since that time, with t

A History Worth Erasing?

Like all nations, America has had her growing pains. Our history is full of amazing stories of patriotism, the fight for liberty, and of the people behind them. Even the proudest of Americans will tell you that not all A

Dangerous Women?

The world is still reeling over the latest horrific terrorist attack that took place Monday in Manchester England. The setting was the same as many prior ISIS-related attacks: people at a concert having a good time,

Unintended Consequences

The notion of the ongoing and upcoming chronic temper tantrum that will be thrown by the Left for at least the next four years has been established. There is nothing that Donald Trump and his administration can or will d

The Dellwood Lounge Revisited

  Most of us have a place near us we would call “the neighborhood bar”. It is not a flashy sophisticated place. It is usually a small place, and if you don’t live in the neighborhood, you probab

The Left's First One Hundred Days

The first president to have the opening one hundred days of his administration scrutinized was Franklin Roosevelt. The marker, therefore, has since morphed into quite a big deal. Whether or not the big deal is

2017: What Is Feminism?

  When discussing women’s rights and feminism, I have returned several times to that famous tag line used in the 70’s, at the height of the women’s movement by Virginia Slims, marketed as a &ldq

Politically Correct Genocide

  When we hear the word “genocide,” it usually brings to mind images of the Holocaust. The pictures are horrific, and we remind ourselves and each other that it should never happen again anywhere to a

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