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Cotton Leaves Horror, Devastation In Its Wake

Cotton has had a really big week in the news, leaving horror and devastation in its wake.   First, Hobby Lobby thoughtlessly displayed cotton stalks in a vase for sale. Can you imagine, an Arts & Crafts re

A Digital Congress Will Crush the Status Quo

We should discuss having a digital Congress; it would crush the status quo.    As technology evolves and is more user-friendly than ever, why isn’t the legislature moving in the digital direction? I

LGBTQ: Self-Centered Bullies

The thing that rubs me the wrong way about the LGBTQ movement, is how incredibly self-centered they come across. My gay friends may disagree with me, as they often do, but they also know I'm not homophobic; I tell it

LGBT Pride: Nazi’s in Your Midst?

Stuff happens. We read about it, and don't bother to call anyone out. We’re so tired of the same garbage, day in day out, year after year. We know speaking out is an exercise in futility because we can't co

Folks, We’ve Got Issues…

These days, I just don’t recognize my country. The hysteria that's gripping us is both incredibly toxic, and incredibly ridiculous. Don't you troublemakers ever take a vacation? Don't you need a break?

Christmas in July

For all of you lovers of Hallmark Christmas Movies, it's Christmas in July on both Hallmark channels this week! I'm an unabashed fan of Hallmark movies all year round, and even more so now when the news seems so

Loving a Bulldozer

Cassie is on the way to the Veterinarian to have her staples removed, and I must say, I couldn't be more relieved! She needed the surgery to remove a benign tumor; it was sticking out of her side like a big ole'

Gun Control Myths Reign Supreme on Facebook

"Tell me how taking guns from law-abiding citizens keeps a criminal from killing someone with a gun?" She replied, "Not enough information."  It was the usual liberal banter; they really co

Name Game Meets Blame Game: The Legend of the Assault Rifle

The blame game is in full swing after the assassination attempt of a group of Republican Congressmen and Senators as they practiced early morning, Wednesday, for a charity baseball game the next day. Everyone i

United We Stand, Divided We Fail

Lately, scanning Facebook has become almost intolerable.    Everyone seems hell bent on shoving their diatribe in your face, in all caps, ad nauseum. I'm used to arguing with my liberal and progr

Why We Are Worlds Apart

People are still talking about the Heineken ad, "World's Apart;" what's not to love? It shows us at our best -- kind, compassionate, interested, engaged -- I've said many times we're more alike

Can't We All Just Get Along?

During the election, many of us were NeverTrump; some of us decided that between Trump and Hillary, the choice was a no-brainer. Others have continued to rant against him. We here at Lanterns.Buzz, collectively decide

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