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Bringing Them Home Isn’t The Way To Support Our Troops

I’m writing today to rebut Frank Caprio’s recent article, “A Way To Support Our Troops.” I rarely disagree with a colleague so vehemently I feel the need to offer a rebuttal, but after several hou

Getting The Government We Deserve

We’ve traveled down the rabbit hole in the last 50 years, no doubt, and here we are in Wonderland, looking around in disbelief. The atmosphere is confusing, distorted, and premised on face value, rather than substa

Why We Love Hallmark Movies

Do you know why we love Hallmark movies? I’ve discovered the secret to the success of Hallmark Channel.  Initially, I surmised the wholesomeness of the programming was responsible. After all, watching Hallm

The Modern Myth of the Assault Rifle

Everyone is horrified at the senseless violence of the Las Vegas shooting.   Politicians, celebrities, and mainstream media are playing the blame game, pointing fingers at President Trump, the NRA, and the f

Are You A Conservacrat?

Are you a Conservacrat? SOMEONE WHO Votes Democrat despite being Prolife, Pro-2nd Amendment, a strong supporter of our military, law enforcement, and first responders, a champion of personal responsibility, loves the ide

The Enemy of Their Enemy IS NOT Their Friend!

Liberals Should Be More Careful Because The Enemy Of Their Enemy IS NOT Their Friend.   The Left is eating its own again. Last week, at the College of William & Mary, #BlackLivesMatter shut down a Freedom

It's Time to Break The Socialist Grip on America

The Democrat Party Has Shielded Its Socialist Component Long Enough; It Is The Time To Break The Socialist Grip On America.   I’m writing today to rebut Joshua Nybo’s article of 8/27/17, “It&

Lies and Other Infuriating Stuff

Some days, I can hardly stand the lies and other infuriating stuff coming from the Left.   Normally, I just flip on by the crap on my Facebook newsfeed. There’s so much, and it’s coming from both s

We Can’t Bridge the Ugly Divide in America

We’ll not bridge the ugly divide in America, not without a cataclysmic event.   Life is gloomy these days. Bad news seems to be the only kind of news good enough to print. Puerto Rico is in terrible shap

Hero Rebuked: Put Country Ahead of Team

An American Hero Was Rebuked Sunday, For Putting His Country Ahead of His Team.   Yesterday was a sad day in our nation, as player after player, team after team, chose to #TakeAKnee while their fans stood prou

How To Drain the Swamp Without Washington DC Getting Involved

We can Drain the Swamp without Washington DC getting involved. It’s true.   ”Drain the swamp,” was a fantastic campaign slogan which captured the nation's imagination. At this point

Cotton Leaves Horror, Devastation In Its Wake

Cotton has had a really big week in the news, leaving horror and devastation in its wake.   First, Hobby Lobby thoughtlessly displayed cotton stalks in a vase for sale. Can you imagine, an Arts & Crafts re

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