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I have wanted to write this for some time now, but it seems something else always gets in the way. As I get in discussions, I learn that many people do not understand the beginning of slavery in America—  how

Consistency – What Do Pancake Batter and Progressives Have In Common – Or Not?

The English language is difficult at best for people to learn as a second language because so many words have the same or similar spelling with different meanings.  To, Too, and Two - Their, There, and They’re

Oscar Made A Choice

As did most slaves of the day, Oscar shared the “family” name of his master. Oscar and his “master to be” were raised together; they played and learned together with the exception, of course, that

An Auspicious Beginning

James was a small man, he’d been ill and in delicate health most of his life. The oldest of twelve children, three of his siblings died in infancy. The son of a landowner, he received an education that was the best


In Part One, I discussed the infringement of our rights by government, and in many ways, it is the same as putting a frog in cool water and then slowly heating it.  In Part Two, I looked at the danger of being

Second Amendment Cake – Part Two

In Part One I looked at the old adage “You can have your cake and eat it too” and compared it to a sort of proverb I saw on social media. There is probably not a more divisive issue in this nation these days

The NFL vs Real Problems

Okay, full disclosure. I do not watch the NFL. I have not seen any player, coach, owner, or anyone else, kneel during the National Anthem. Many years ago, I grew tired of the players' antics on and off the field

Second Amendment Cake – Part One

I think we all likely recognize the old saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” The suggestion, of course, is that we can’t have something and enjoy it at the same time. I know this is

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” - Rahm Emanuel   We all recall that statement made by t

A Shooter’s Mind

I have tried to stay away from politics and controversial issues, preferring to write more educational and entertaining pieces.  The news of the Las Vegas shooting last night has shaken all of us.  Our first qu

I Drove An 18 Wheeler 200 MPH

  I Drove An 18 Wheeler 200 MPH   I recently posted that comment on Facebook.  I did it as an experiment and ultimately to use as an example.  My friends responded with a

The NFL, Social Media, and Reality

I have watched with detached interest all the hoopla over the kneeling at NFL games.  Full disclosure—  I never watch the NFL or any other team professional sports for that matter.  I do enjoy P

Consistency, hypocrisy, taxes and the perils of a secular society

Description: Michael discusses his latest article, Consistency – What Do Pancake Batter and Progressives Have In Common – Or Not?, the latest on Roy Moore, Al Franken and the ...

Terror in a Texas Church, Taxes, Saudi Arabia and Look! There's a Squirrel!

A brief look at the church shooting in Texas, some history of taxes and reform, what's happening in Saudi Arabia and setting priorities in a time of mass confusion....

Second amendment crisis, the origins and reality of Liberty, and special guest Capt John Gries

We take a look at the continued calls for more infringements of gun rights, where does our liberty come from and how do we keep the continued creep of tyranny at bay.  Joining...

Russia Uranium deal blows up, Paddock, Taxes and Sexual Harassment and Tiffany in Michigan

FBI informant has gag order lifted, Paddock shooting raises more questions than answers, Republicans work on some sort of tax plan and spin it to put a smiley face on it, sexu...

Russia, Clinton, Trump, US Senate, Cruz and Sanders Debate

We’ll take a high level view of the news about the Russian bribery plot, Clinton’s and their “Pay to Play”.  We’ll look at the flap over the call Trump made to the widow of Sg...

Attacks on 1st and 2nd Amendment, Living in a Post Constitutional America

Tonight Michael looks at the attacks on freedom from both sides of the aisle, everyone is offended but only certain ones matter.  Harvey Weinstein is a symptom, not the proble...

Will we give up liberty for security? Will this crisis go to waste?

Michael looks at the mass murder in Las Vegas and teh aftermath. What will we be willing to give up for the appearance of being more secure? Are people really concerned with...

Socialism in America, NFL and MSM ignorance

Michael continues his discussion of socialism in America from last week, the NFL mess, the ignorance of the mainstream media - ignorance or intentional? ...

Socialism in America, “How do you like me now?”

Most of the problems we have stem from the failure to abide by the constitution. Michael discusses some of the problems created by this departure....

Founder's Keep, Convention of States and a republic in peril

Michael recording this podcast live at the Kansas State Fair discusses Founder's Keep and their mission, the efforts of the Convention of States Project, bizarre comments by N...

Hurricanes, fires, housing crisis, debt...what’s next?

Michael discusses the threat of natural disasters and how they affect people, their lives and the national economy. Debt, reckless spending and a congress that only cares abo...

Hurricane Harvey, the aftermath, media missteps and Trump Pardons Arpaio

Michael discusses issues and stories in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, fake news spread by news media and social media, and the pardon of Joe Arpaio...

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