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Al Gore - Predictions Vs Reality

As Hurricane Harvey approaches the Texas coast, I decided to look at past predictions and the facts.  Predicting the future is risky, however using history and trends, we can be much more accurate than we can with f

Get A Grip

I listened this morning to some stories about the present day slave trade.  Wait, slavery is illegal!  Yes, it is.  So is robbery, murder and drug trafficking, yet they continue as well. There is a youn

The Roots of the Tree of Liberty

Many of us recognize the reference to the Tree of Liberty from the Thomas Jefferson quote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  We’ll l

Everyone Loves A Tyrant - As Long As It's THEIR Tyrant

This has been a saying of mine for a number of years. It stems simply from observing people and how they react to certain leaders. While social media has exacerbated this problem, it has been around as long as th

The Fruits of Self-Gratification

Imagine the average middle-class family in the United States. Both parents work and make a decent income.  Neither is a professional, but both have a degree and have been successful. They had good stability during t

A Night To Remember - If Only We All Knew

  The June evening was warm.  John “Jack” Jouett Jr. was an imposing figure in his day.  Standing at 6’4”, he was young and handsome, a captain in the Virginia Militia.  He

What Car Colors Can Teach Us About Government

Hopefully, the first thing that pops into your head about the title is, huh?  What can the color of cars teach us about government?  Let’s look at some history. Most people assume that all early cars w

You’ll Love It, They Said - It’ll Be Great, They Said

We’re all familiar with that statement.  A place, product, or event is touted as being something special, but in reality, you’ve taken it in the shorts. Jesus warned his followers, “Beware of fa

Founder's Keep, Convention of States and a republic in peril

Michael recording this podcast live at the Kansas State Fair discusses Founder's Keep and their mission, the efforts of the Convention of States Project, bizarre comments by N...

Hurricanes, fires, housing crisis, debt...what’s next?

Michael discusses the threat of natural disasters and how they affect people, their lives and the national economy. Debt, reckless spending and a congress that only cares abo...

Hurricane Harvey, the aftermath, media missteps and Trump Pardons Arpaio

Michael discusses issues and stories in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, fake news spread by news media and social media, and the pardon of Joe Arpaio...

Get a grip, What's Happening to our Nation???

Michael looks at some news of the day as well as the problems that stem from people wanting their way and ignoring the constitution and rule of law....

The Tree of Liberty, monuments coming down and...

Michael discusses the tree of liberty, the tearing down of monuments, radicals on both sides of the aisle....

North Korea, Tyranny and The Perils of Self Gratification

Michael takes a look at the situation in Oregon with Amy Fabbrini and Eric Zeigler, another angle and thought on the dangers of North Korea, people’s love of “their guy” in of...

Charlie Gard, Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler, tyranny and socialism

Michael talks about the heartbreaking conclusion to little Charlie's life, the outrageous actions of the state of Oregon taking the children of Amy Fabbrini, Socialism and the...

Federal court rules on “Good Cause”, Self-reliance, transgender and gender fluidity.

Michael discusses the latest Federal appellate court decision on the “Good Cause” requirement for CCW permits, the Palestinian government uses US dollars to pay for the death ...

College kids describe socialism, “Try it, you’ll like it”, Obamacare repeal

Michael discusses the dangers of Iran and the 12th Imam, College kids explain socialism, Trump and AG Sessions, Promises and the repeal of Obamacare....

Jayden K Smith strikes fear

Michael discusses the Jayden K Smith phenomenon, baby Charlie Gard fights for the right to live, the Republican's failure to repeal Obamacare as promised and the dangers of No...

Independence Day, CNN Blackmail, Rabbi Lapin on boys not growing up, Charlie Gard and more.

Michael discusses The CNN "Blackmail" of a private citizen, the plight of Charlie Gard in the UK Medical system, the TSA and July 4th - Independence Day, how we got there and ...

Healthcare, government responsibility and our responsibility

Michael discusses the disaster of Obamacare and the Republican's refusal to do a full repeal as promised. A look at USING A BAND-AID TO TREAT CANCER and a discussion of natur...

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