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Ann Coulter Will Not Be Silenced

Right-wing political author, Anne Coulter, has vowed to speak at the University of California, Berkley next Thursday despite the administration’s decision to cancel her presentation. Vice Chancellor, Scott Biddy, e

A Morning With Holocaust Survivor, Werner Reich

90-year-old Werner Reich is a retired industrial engineer that hails from Long Island, New York. He is also a Holocaust survivor who endured and survived Nazi torture during World War II. He uses his harrowing tale

Fast and Furious Triggerman Arrested in Mexico

The suspect accused of the 2010 murder of Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry was apprehended in Mexico on Wednesday.  Drug cartel member, Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes, was captured at a Mexican ranch&

Susan Rice Lies About Syria's Chemical Weapons Cache

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice is arguably one of the most brazen deceivers in modern political history. Between her perjurious statements about the Benghazi disaster, the Bowe Bergdahl desertion debacle, an

SCOTUS Showdown on the Hill

The Senate’s top Republican, Mitch McConnell, top Democrat Chuck Schumer are set to square off this week over the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Gorsuch, President Trump’s c

Trump to Announce Opiate Abuse Task Force

President Trump is expected to announce the creation of an opiate abuse task force later this week. The formation of this commission marks Trump’s first attempt to fulfill his campaign promise to fight the opi

Selective Feminists: Where Art Thou?

It’s only March and so far it’s been the best year ever and also the worst year ever. Professionally, life is magnificent and becomes better with each passing day. Personally? As Trump would say, “It&rs

PolitiDiva's Week-In-Review (and It's Only Wednesday)

I don't know how you feel after the firestorm of political news coming out of Washington this week, but I'm tired and in need of a margarita. This has been one of the craziest weeks

RINOcare Letdown

The Democrats succeeded in their main objective-- passing a healthcare entitlement.  They knew full well that once an entitlement was passed, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of it. Much to the chagrin o

Illegal Immigrants Arrested for Murders of Teen Girls

The horrific Sept. 13 slaughter of two high school girls who were walking home after school has resulted in the arrests and indictments of thirteen members of the infamous MS-13 gang who were charged with 41-counts

Disgraced Journalist Arrested for Bomb Threats

Police have arrested 31-year-old Juan Thompson, a journalist, from Missouri in connection with bomb threats made to Jewish centers across the country.  Mr. Thompson allegedly made the threats in the name of his ex-g

Winning: Trump's Speech A Hit with Viewers

Reaction to President Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress was clear-- listeners rated the speech an overwhelming success. A CNN/ORC poll of viewers found that 70 percent became more optimistic