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ANTIFA: What to Know about America's New Terror Group

ANTIFA is a far-left anarchist group whose mission is to create chaos and disruption at any event they deem “fascist.”  They have a penchant for disturbing any gathering, event, or speaking eng

Media Blackout: Awan Brothers Scandal

Americans are sick of the exhaustive Russia probe.  A recent Bloomberg survey suggests just 6% of Americans believe Mueller's Russia investigation is important despite the media's push to keep it as t

Who is Natalia Veselnitskaya:  Five Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Russian lawyer at the center of the Donald Trump Jr. meeting controversy has been described as a Kremlin insider, a low-level lawyer, and everything else in between.  Just who is Natalia Veselnitskaya?  F

Taking on the Teacher's Union

I received the summer edition of the “American Educator,” a magazine put out by the American Federation of Teachers.  When I looked at the front cover, I stood open-mouthed aghast at the image.  T

Did CNN Commit a Crime?

The public uproar over CNN’s threats to expose an online supporter of the President has caused some to wonder if a crime was committed.  A user of the social media nexus, Reddit, claimed he was the creato

Trouble for Loretta Lynch: Top Dem Calls for Investigation

Liberal Democratic Senator, Dianne Feinstein, called for a probe of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s actions in the email investigation of Hillary Clinton. Sen. Feinstein, the top Democrat who sits on the Se

Deep Swamp Diving with James Comey: The 5 Biggest Takeaways from his Testimony

The average American is fed up! They don’t care one iota about this absurd Russia story! They care about jobs, security, and the fact that Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight. They care that the man th

The Case Against James Comey: The Swamp's Most Infamous Resident

The Mainstream Media narrative of the firing of dismissed FBI Director James Comey unfolded like a great Spy Thriller.  President Trump fired him because Comey was too close to the truth: Trump conspired with t

The Replacements: Possible Picks for Terminated FBI Director

Washington, DC was rocked to its core yesterday with the termination of controversial FBI Director, James Comey. A Senior White House Official said, “President Trump is expected to name a replacement in the coming

Lawsuit Accuses CNN of Rampant Racism

Employees of CNN have signed on to a class-action lawsuit accusing the news giant of rampant racism and disparities based on race.  The complaint charges that African-American workers receive lower perform

Snakes on a Plane: Report Claims Clinton, Lynch Struck Deal to Keep Hillary Out of Trouble

The clandestine meeting between former President, Bill Clinton, and former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch on Lynch’s private jet in Phoenix, continues to generate newsworthy buzz. According to a report from the Ne

Ann Coulter Will Not Be Silenced

Right-wing political author, Anne Coulter, has vowed to speak at the University of California, Berkley next Thursday despite the administration’s decision to cancel her presentation. Vice Chancellor, Scott Biddy, e

CNN Racism

News networks who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones......

Thoughts on Charlottesville

Is Trump a racist and Nazi like the media claim? PolitiDiva investigates......


Fake poll numbers coming out from #FakeNews. Why don't they report the numbers that really matter: the economic numbers!...

Mueller Overreach

Special Prosecutor Mueller reportedly overreaches as we forget the whole Russia investigation is based on a lie....

Dear Kevin Allred

Fired professor Kevin Allred blames "TrumpTrolls" for his firing after Tweeting death threats about the President....

Washington Compost

Washington Compost won't let up on Fake News and fails to report Real News because it makes the Democrats look bad....

Potus tackles the Gang Crisis in New York

PolitiDiva tells you just how bad the gang problem is and what she observed at POTUS' speech on Friday....


A couple of words for Senator McCain...

Kushner Testimony

What did we learn from Jared Kushner's 11-page statement released before his testimony? That this whole investigation is a waste of time and money!...

Mueller Mueller Mueller

Should Mueller be fired? ...

Obamacare Failure

Democrats are acting smug because the GOP failed to replace THEIR failing law!...

Why are Republicans at Each Other's Throats?

Republicans in Congress aren't the only ones that can't get along. ...

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