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Easter, the Celebration of the Fertility Goddess

Yikes!! My guess is, if you are like me, you opened this post in one of two ways. Really, seriously twirked that I would have the audacity to call the celebration of the resurrection of the Messiah a pagan holiday. Or,

Leviticus? Oye!!

How many of you have set out with the admirable goal of reading the entire Bible? Genesis is good. It has a great bunch of stories in it. Certainly, can’t complain about Exodus with all the suspense. Both are not o

Predestination: What The Bible Says

There is no doctrine taught that makes me want to jump out of my pew and yell “STOP” more than that of predestination.  How many people on the brink of accepting the salvation of Jesus have turned away b

Global DYING

Genesis 1:1 (NCV*) – “In the beginning, God created the sky and the earth.” Day 1 – God created the earth, the sky, and light.  He separated the light and the dark to make day

The Effective Fervent Prayer

On January 15th, seventy-two world leaders met in Paris with the intent of taking Israeli land and giving it to the Palestinians.  When word of this came, Christians all around the world hit their knees to pray

People Need a Savior

Are you saved?  If you were to die today, how do you know you would go to Heaven?  When I was a kid growing up as a Baptist in a large Midwestern city, these were probably the two questions I heard the

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