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Who Exactly is Being Judgmental Here?

Greetings to you all. I have been writing at Lanterns for a few months and have made sure to stay away from writing about politics. It’s a hot button issue that tends to get people riled up. Then again, s

This is different.

Greetings; as you may have noticed, I have not posted an article here for a while and I have an explanation for that. My oldest son has Autism and my wife is his caregiver. He needs help with certain things and since she

It's Easy to Blame Addiction on Other Things, But Should We?

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who sees things a certain way. For example, we see a lot of people saying they were addicted to drugs or alcohol because their parents got divorced or because they were given Rital

Who Is Destroying Christianity?

These days Christians are getting it from all sides. Atheists don't want Christianity. Radical Muslims kill Christians in Middle Eastern countries. Many non- Christians question and criticize things they don’t

TBI or not TBI. Doesn't matter

In my last article, I told the story about my son and I being hit by a car nine years ago. My body got pretty messed up from it. Since then I have dealt with pain in my ankle, chronic back problems, balance issues, neck

A Personal, True Story

A while ago, someone asked me why I believe in God so stongly. So, I told them a story. The story was about a boy that was born via an emergency C-section because, while his heart was beating, he wasn't breat

Pray, Laugh, Love: Be Inspiring!

For this last article of the week, I decided to focus on a few things. First, I really want to thank everyone at Lanterns. They are an amazing group of people that I am hardly worthy to be involved with. I have never enc

Check Your Christianity

If we point out the obvious are we haters or judgers?  Recently I was told I was judging two people in a picture. I shared the picture, I didn't create it. The picture pointed out something very obvious which

Should We Explore Other Planets?

Since man first stepped foot on the moon, we have wanted to go even farther. We went from rockets to space shuttles and even a space center. The plan now is to go to Mars. With all of the technology we have and will have

Epidemic Of The Century?

We all have our causes that are important to us for different reasons. Mine is the epidemic that is autism. The CDC estimates that 1 in every 68 people has autism. However, those numbers are probably actually closer

Always Walk With Christ

This week while a lot of writers and broadcasters from the Lanterns team are at CPAC, some writers, like myself, are writing about things other than politics. Although I like politics, I think that we all need to take a

It Hasn't Changed

 About a month ago, I posted something on my personal Facebook account asking for anyone who hated Donald J. Trump to tell me exactly how he has harmed you personally. I was astonished when I didn't get a single

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