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Party over Principles

In the world of politics partisanship means more than policy. Let that sink in for a minute. It is more important that you are loyal to your party than to your principles or constituents. I aspire to do great works de

Conservatism, What Does It Mean?

As I jumped into the pond known as "County" politics, I found a common misnomer in the definition of the word "conservatism." Many will proudly stand under that sign as a symbol of honor and identific

Ideology Over Friendship

Ideology Over Friendship I was blessed to have a large and diverse group of people supporting my campaign for Eaton County Commissioner District 1. It was a long and challenging campaign season and every contribution

To Serve Locally

One sunny Summer morning in 2013 while I was painting a fence, I was listening to syndicated radio personality Glenn Beck. What he said that day was simple and profound, and for me, life changing, as it planted a seed of

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