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Council Hill Station-- A Peace of Heaven

It’s a beautiful September day. The sun is high in a clear blue sky. I sit in on a very comfortable yellow cushioned vintage chair under a tin gun-metal colored awning supported by knobby pine poles. There is a gen

A Visit Back in Time

  About a month ago a man walked into the store I work at. We create Live Edge wood tables and other furniture. He introduced himself as Jim. He was a local farmer and a retired Pastor. He inquired if I would lik

Not Just Another Saturday in Tiny Town IL

It was just another quiet Saturday afternoon at the store in my quiet little town. I was enjoying a burger, rings, and a soda. A few people popped in during the day and offered some light conversation while they looked a

Battling the Internet Minotaur

Recently, I have been dealing with various internet service providers in my area, and I feel like I have just battled the mythological Greek monster, the Minotaur whose maze left me feeling lost and hopeless. 

City Boy Becoming Country

Met·a·mor·pho·sis: a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means. I now live in a town called Elizabeth, IL. I am goi

Elizabeth, IL: The Heart of Jo Daviess County

It's Saturday morning and after a week of nerve racking meetings, crowded elevators, blaring sirens, and racing to catch the train...you are ready for this road trip. You want to take a break from the rat race and

Happy Father's Day

It is June 18th...Father's Day. Millions of fathers will be celebrated for being "Dad."  There will be picnics with ice-cream, foaming beer, and memories—  of those whose children are grown

Stuck in an Auto Trunk?

Have we become a society of Homer Simpsons? I love reading small town newspapers. There is just so much true to life information that doesn’t make the big city news. Today I came across an article on how to g

Batman's Adam West Dead at 88

The man that graced our television screen in gray leotards, black boots, a utility belt that carried everything possible, a large black cape, and a mask fighting villains of all sorts has died, ending an era for many of

China Kicks Off Yearly Dog and Cat Meat Festival

Today marked the beginning of the Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China where upwards to 10,000 dogs and cats are eaten over a ten day period. Raising dogs and cats for consumption is a relatively new tradition in As

The Runt of the Vulture Litter

I'm doing what many retired people do. I rented a spot in a local antique mall. I did okay my first month clearing out a bit of my collectibles and I needed to restock my inventory. So I ventured out to an auction

Wal-Mart Racial Justice?

I was amazed at the audacity of the ACLU to connect climate change to racial justice, otherwise known as racism. Where the two connect, I have no idea. But it did remind me of my visit to Wal-Mart the other day worthy

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