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USDA Agriculture ALERT on FRADULENT Organic Labeling

The USDA Agriculture Marketing Service National Organic Program is alerting the organic trade about the presence of fraudulent organic certificates. Companies listed: Renagrotec SPR de RI, Rand Express Purity L

The Mayor Daley Comparison

There was a person I knew who was appalled by the comparison I made between them and Mayor Richard J. Daley. This person boasted that they had a thick skin, and people could say what they wanted to...."It's less

Horses Being Slaughtered For Human Consumption

 Photo by David Herman I was unaware that horses were being slaughtered as a delicacy for human consumption until I met Carrie Gobernatz, an editor at HorseBack Magazine. She has been on a mis

Here Comes the Train!

Photo by David Herman  It is a beautiful day. It isn't too bright which is good for my photography subjects today in the historic town of Galena, IL.  I am compiling a group of photos to offer at a local

Happy Delinda Boone Craig Day

During the Great Temperance Movement of the 1800s of which alcohol consumption was a topic of major concern, there arose a great lady 20 miles East of Galena, Illinois.  Her name was Delinda Boone Craig, granddaught

Hanover IL Pop 750: Weekly Men’s Group

Every Thursday morning for years a group of men meet at the local diner. Combined, these five men have well over an estimated 350 years of life experience. They meet no matter what the weather brings. When one does not s

Erin Moran from Happy Days, Dead at 56

The girl many of us watched grow up over the years, on the popular TV show "Happy Days" died. She was found in an unresponsive state by local authorities in Corydon, Indiana on April 22nd. Cause of death

Let Us Have Tree-metery's

  Four months ago my father passed away.    This ended my 59 years of feeling immortal. This event woke me up to realize that someday, I too will be the one my family will be faced with

Vintage Retirement Communities The Future?

Now that I am nearing retirement age, I am looking at different options. What I am finding are these fancy, high-priced, fenced in areas with all the amenities one can hope for. These little areas are too sanitary, expen

The Good Old Days: Burger, Fries, Coke for a Buck and Change Back

It seems I suffer from Traumatic McDonald's Food Cost Syndrome...or T.M.F.C.S. Each time I go to a McDonald's and pay for the food, I suffer a flashback leaving me sweating and momentarily frozen. (You can int

The Good Old Days: Cartoons from Days Gone By

Who can forget the rush of waking up on the weekend and racing to turn on the television? Saturday and Sunday morning were mine after a week of school and chores. While Mom was in the kitchen making breakfast, I was p

The Good Old Days: A Summer Day

Every generation owns its "Good Old Days" stories. Our parents and grandparents told us stories about their experiences of those days on many occasions. Their memories included living through the Great Depre