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British Prime Minister May Gives Public Statement Following Manchester Terror Attack

British Prime Minister Theresa May came to the public on Downing Street to respond to the terrorist attack in Manchester that happened late Monday night. The attack occurred at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester

The Founding Principle of Life

On a daily basis, I have heard conservative commentators, writers, and radio hosts plead with the American public to reset their lives back onto the bedrock of principles. But what is a principle? According to Dictionary

Dear Conservatives: What Do You Stand For?

Dear Conservatives, What do you stand for? As a liberty-minded Millennial, I search for a movement I can cling to, yet in the studying of your habits I find a majority of you have no understanding of the principles of

China Sends Military Forces to North Korean Border

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army, also known as the PLA, has been put an alert due to the growing tensions between the United States and North Korea. As a result of these tensions, and the unpredictable nature

Liberal Media Accuses Gorsuch of Plagiarism

Late Tuesday night, mainstream media outlets pushed stories accusing Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch of plagiarizing a segment of his 2006 book on assisted suicide and euthanasia. According to the accusations

BREAKING: Possible Suspect in St. Petersburg Bombing Caught on Camera

After Bombs exploded in the subway of St. Petersburg, Russia state Media reported that officials believe that there are two suspects in this terror attack. Monday afternoon a bomb exploded in one subway train killing

The Influence of Leadership

In modern history the Democratic Party has been seen as the party of the people. Although fact and fiction intertwine to create such an image, the Democratic leadership has leaned heavily on its claim

Breaking: Is The Blaze Unmanned?

As the Media speculates the downfall of Glenn Beck’s Flagship Enterprise, The Blaze, a new revelation over the company may confirm their suspicions. Stewart Padveen, the last known CEO, is no longer associating wit

Update: British Terror Attack Death Toll Increase

Scotland Yard has updated their information over today’s earlier attack on Westminster Bridge and outside of the U.K. Parliament, stating that the death toll has now risen to four people and at least 20 more were i

United States to Boycott UN Human Rights Council Over Anti-Israel Stance

President Donald Trump’s administration is projected to boycott the United Nations Human Rights Council over the groups anti-Israel alignment. The Washington Free Beacon has reported that the White House has mad

BREAKING: FBI Opens Criminal Investigation Over CIA Leak

As intelligence agencies are reeling after Tuesday’s WikiLeaks release of what is alleged to be the “entire hacking capacity of the CIA,” today’s focus has begun to shift to the mole who is b

True Women of Empowerment

Today is National Women’s Day and while many women take today off and march in the street because of the supposed fact that American women are oppressed in our white male dominated society, there are some empowered

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