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Ladies, Please Don’t Be Like Ashley Judd

Living in Mexico, I remember sticking out like a sore thumb. Blonde hair, blue eyes, VERY white—I was the epitome of obvious. I didn’t have a car, so to attend school (and later on teach preschool) I was

Venezuela’s Hell: Could It Happen Here?

I want to challenge you. Could the United States—the beacon of freedom, an economic and military superpower, and perhaps history’s greatest anomaly—ever fall as far as Venezuela? Before we ge

Dear Unborn Child: Yes, You Have A Gender (And We're Celebrating It)

Dear Unborn Child of Mine: We’ve been waiting for this moment ever since the day we saw those beautiful pink lines.  In just two weeks, we’ll walk into the doctor’s office to see your ultrasound

End of Watch: Dying on the Thin Blue Line

My daughter’s favorite movie is Disney’s “The Jungle Book” –and she absolutely adores Baloo, the bear. In the next to last scene, everyone thinks Baloo’s been killed by Sher Khan, t

Fellow Americans: Do You Get How Blessed You Are?

I remember seeing a music video once where, as the song starts, it pans to a scene where one of the guys holds up his U.S. passport and says, “As long as I have this … it really doesn’t matter.”

Tough Truths: The Case of Philando Castile

The video is heartbreaking. Moments after she live-streamed the death of her boyfriend at the hands of a police officer, a woman cries as she sits in the back of a squad car, her young daughter comforting her, saying

Dear American Left Part II: It's Time to Get Serious About Your Rhetoric

As tensions heat up between North Korea and the rest of the world, we’re reminded once again of how the tiny despotic regime operates. Among many other disturbing practices, the North Korean starts the anti-Amer

Dear American Left: This Monster’s On You.

To my friends on the left: You talk a lot about children (ironically in spite of your views on children not yet born). In fact, you reference this group nearly every time you want to combat something a Republican i

No, Katy Perry- Borders Are The LOVING Thing To Do

It happens at least a dozen times a day. I take something away from my kid; I tell her she can’t do something; I place limits on how far she can go. Limits are hard precisely because they limit—and often m

Dear Parents: It’s Time To Get Serious About Vaccines

Luvs Diapers has a hilarious set of commercials out about the marked difference between first-time moms … and what happens when #2 rolls around. You know—the hyper-sanitized, super safe, ultra-caut

Conservatives, It’s Time We Learned How to Tell Stories

I’ll never forget the day our baby girl was born. Despite all the horror stories I had read online about birth and risks and complications (yes, I know, I’m an idiot), everything largely went fine. Later o

Helping Those Who Help Us All: The S.H.E.R.I.F.F Fund

When the winds finally died down, a pile of twisted wood and nails lay where his house once was. Again. This Collin County Sheriff’s deputy experienced something most never go through once, let alon

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