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The Loss of Critical Thinking in a Fake News World

While browsing the internet the other day looking for a perfect picture for my last article, I came across an interesting statistic. 82% of all statistics are made up.   Wow! Who would have thought it? &nb

It's Time to Grow Up!

My children are very active in sports.  Cross country, soccer, wrestling and track and in the past three years I have seen a very irritating trend-- Supplying high school kids with snacks for meets.  Now some p

Shame Me No More

I am about to send my second child to college, and we have been doing our research.     We are trying to decide what best suits him and his needs.  We have looked at private and Christian colleges, a

Parents of Special Education Students: Don't be Afraid to Release Your Inner Grizzly

I have never met a teacher that woke up one morning and declared, "Today is the day I will ruin the life of a child."   Teachers work hard. They care. They try to make a difference in the live

The Parent Brain According to Teenagers

I remember when I was smart, and then my kids became teenagers.  When they were little, I was a genius.   I would say, “ Don’t pick your nose or your eyes will fall out.” And they

It’s Winter in America and the “Snowflakes” are Melting!

  America is full of victims.   We have victims of discrimination, racism, sexism, domestic abuse, workplace inequality, and circumstance. After watching our younger generation throw what m

Thanks, but No Thanks.

I’m not really sure what is going on in the advertising world right now. Movies, sitcoms, and the news, those are easy to understand.  I don’t like it, but I get it.  But commercials?  I just h

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