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Egypt Needs A Girl's Day

Coptic Christian girls are being kidnapped by Salafists at record numbers, according to a recent article by World Watch Monitor. A former Islamic kidnapper, identified as ‘G,’ explains that these girls are of

The Hope of Joy in Sorrow

Anyone who has ever read my words or shared conversation and coffee with me or heard my music knows that I have a fascination with the parallel the psalmist, David, makes between night and dawn and sorrow and joy. In fac

I Don't Want to Build A Wall

There are cairns along the lakeshore. It has become something of a phenomenon here in my hometown. The rock wall that helps prevent erosion has somehow become a mantle to feature the artwork of locals and tourists ali

I'm a Little Teacup

Sometimes I feel empty, and I have to remind myself: You are not an endless fountain. You’re a teacup. If you’re anything like me, you likely have some cracks and chips and places where your once-bold colo

The Sound of Freedom's Ring

Sixteen years. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? In some ways, it feels like a million years ago, and in others, it’s still as fresh as yesterday. That’s true of any trauma, I think—of any

The Party of A Century

One hundred years. An entire century of life—of hopes, and hurts, and joys, and fears, and love—spanning two world wars, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights movement, the Cold War, the Berlin Wall, 9/11

Harvey: What the Church is Doing

Earlier this year, Christians in Egypt faced several jihadist attacks. Many of you know that the persecuted Church is an issue very close to my heart. As I prayed for the Copts, I grew disgusted with myself. I remember c

Harvey: How Can I Help?

As the tragedy continues to unfold in the South, it’s important to remember that the individuals affected need far more than a safe boat ride away from their submerged home. Most—if not all—of their thi

What's Your Story?

We don’t remember the same things, you and me. We may be at the same place at the same moment and experience the same event, but we don’t remember the same things. I may remember the song that was playing

A Time to Weep

When I was a child, my pastor used to tell us that if things are going really badly, not to despair, because it won’t be that way forever, and if things are going really well, rejoice—but don’t get too

Black or White: It's all Iocane

It’s Black or White. Except sometimes, it’s not.   Sometimes it’s Sea Foam. Sometimes it’s Slate Grey. Sometimes it’s Elephant Skin. This past week, we’ve struggled

Strangers at a Reunion

Family Reunions bring out the best in us. They truly do. They remind us not only of the people with whom we belong, but they remind us of the culture and heritage to which we belong. These are things quickly disappearing

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