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Killing the American Camelot

At 11:30 this morning, a gunman dressed completely in black, wearing a bulletproof vest and began shooting at the fifty members of that congregation that were worshipping God at a small Baptist Church in S

The Smeller is the Feller

I came to the United States fleeing communism in Cuba when I was 9 years old. When my grandfather brought me to meet my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Anderson, I did not speak a word of English. My grandfather, who was

The Big Lie

I respectfully request all who know and follow me to listen to this video. It will explain to you why ANTIFA is, in fact, fascist, as is Progressivism and Socialism. True Nationalism is the only system that will secure o

North Korea and the Two Elephants in the Room

Last night around midnight, Fox News reported that South Korea had registered a 6.5 magnitude quake emanating from North Korea. It was not an earthquake. North Korea successfully detonated its first Hydrogen bomb. Hydrog

Trump Needs to Clean House

This is something to think and pray about. I am wondering if someone that hires a CAIR Islamicist to work in the NSC really understands the geopolitical global situation America is facing. I would have expected that

Venezuela: Cuba 2.0

My heart bleeds for the Venezuelan people. Maduro is heading for a Cuba 2.0. The Venezuelan Constitution and their elected representatives will be wiped out completely by the new Constitution that Maduro is trying to

True Resistance

Since the defeat of the Progressive movement in the general elections of the U.S.A., we have seen a well coordinated and consistent attempt to derail President Trump’s conservative agenda by the left. The

We are Our Most Dangerous Enemy

Our greatest enemy is not outside our borders- it is within our minds. Selfishness, greed, and apathy are the true nemesis of our nation. We turn our insensitive faces from the suffering of our brothers and choose instea

Evidence of the Great Flood of Noah

It is my contention that what precipitated the Great Flood of Noah was a series of meteor strikes that cracked the singular continent of the First Earth and uncorked the subterranean waters referred to in Scripture as th

The Enigmatic Proton

Then there is the case of the enigmatic proton. I love the proton. He is a positive little guy and stubborn like me. He is the backbone of all matter in the entire universe. We know the quark make-up of the protons. It o

For the First Time in Over Half a Century, I have Hope that Cuba Will be Free

My early childhood experiences were filled with happiness. I lived in a paradise, which I naively believed would last forever. Our family owned a large sugar cane plantation in Cuba. We were well-to-do and lived quite co

Violence is the Fruit of Leftist Rhetorical Terrorisim

It seems to me that the violence being fostered by the leftist political rhetorical terrorism, hiding behind the Free Speech offered in our nation is now bearing the fruit of death. A gunman, who was a volunteer for B

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