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CRYPTO: How the heck do I buy Ripple?

It appears the seal has been broken on the crypto currencies market. For the outsider, “crypto currency” is a term that sounds similar to a villain in a Batman movie. To the insider, it is the future of value

Love Life Like You Love Your Mother

In times of hardship, struggle, and suffering. I always remember one of the many valuable lessons my mother taught me. Life is artwork. Fight to the bitter end with grace and integrity to selflessly make a positive ma

Kneel Down and Worship the State

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Bremerton High School was justified in punishing their football coach for taking a knee in silent prayer on the football team after a game. The Washington State high s

America, we Need a Divorce

We watched a spectacular display of hatred and ignorance this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia as left wing protesters clashed over their entitlement to America’s dream. White Nationalists, Black Nationalists,

We All Suffer, But Are We Cowards?

The recent suicide of Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell and Linkin Park front man Chester Bennington have offered me a place to reflect on the realities of our suffering. These men were both encased in their miser

Are You a Totalitarian?

A quote that has always amazed me is one from Thomas Jefferson. The words were written in a letter to his nephew Peter Carr on 10 August, 1787. The letter was part of a written, back and forth dialog about Peter&rsq

Steve Scalise and the Bullet that May Have Saved America?

History offers an important insight with the contrast of black and white of the “what could have been.” There are flash moments of the past for us to reflect on, where a single gunshot could be heard aro

Man that shot Rep. Steve Scalise and several others is 66 year old Bernie Supporter

Early reports from The Washington Post detail that the man that shot Rep. Steve Scalise on a ball field in Virgina is James T. Hodgkinson. Hodgkinson is a 66 owner of a home inspection business in Illinois. Hod

Our Universities are Devouring Themselves under Progressivism

There is no secret that our school systems are subpar and that our children and young adults are not getting the education they need to take on everyday challenges they'll face.  Right now we are witnessing a ve

Why is the Middle East in Conflict? Part 1

The world war that has been waged in the Middle East involves enough confusion that even the most brilliant of military strategists argue about what is really going on there. Many people experience an eye-glazing effect

Baton Rouge: Bye Bye LSU

Louisiana State University (LSU) took root in 1853 in Pineville Louisiana under the name Louisiana State Seminary of Learning and Military Academy. It was a very disciplined military institution. When the Civil

ISIS invades the Philippine city of Marawi

Martial Law has been declared in the Philippines after ISIS militants have invaded the country. Reports are spreading that the city of Marawi has been overrun with 46 people losing their lives in the battle. The Gua

Donald Trump storms the UN

Donald Trump storms the UN and slams socialism, North Korea's 'Rocket Man' Kim Jong Un, and the UN's efforts to promote prosperity....

Progressives Democrats Socialists go on the offensive!

Progressives Democrats Socialists go on the offensive! and their battlefield is "Single Payer" healthcare. Socialist Bernie Sanders is leading the charge. What will Trump and ...

BattlefieldLIVE remembers 9/11; talks Trump's latest moves

we remember 9/11. Where are the 9/12 Americans? I know you are out there. We also discuss the latest storm to hit the United States and how the grassroots beat FEMA to the res...

Trump joins with Democrats to increase Debt Ceiling

Was the Debt Ceiling deal made with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi a good deal? Did Donald Trump just send a message to McConnell and Ryan? Was Harvey aid politicized to get D...

Trump moves a chess piece by rescinding DACA.

We discuss the politics behind this decision and whether it is a good move by Trump. Hurricane Irma barrels toward the US and is being noted as the strongest hurricane ever re...

Battlefield Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is a natural disaster like many of us have not ever experienced while natural disasters happen all of the time. Americans never flee in fear when another Amer...

Trump hammers media and establishment in campaign-style rally

Trump hammers media and establishment in campaign-style rally. Are we on track for a global economic crisis? Could hackers be controlling our military?...

Trump goes on the Offensive #BattlefieldLIVE

Trump goes on offensive in Phoenix, McConnell and Ryan distance themselves from Trump, & Republican constituency is turning on congress. What is Trump gong to do on the border...

What is the Alt-Right? #BattlefieldLIVE

Trump is now in political exile from Republicans and Democrats. Has the Alt-right done him in?! What is the 'Alt-Right'? Do they have a legitimate grievance? ...

Removing US Founding Father Thomas Jefferson Monument in DC is in play for Progressives.

Removing US Founding Father Thomas Jefferson Monument in DC is in play for Progressives. We have the evidence! Hillary donates $800K of campaign funds to her new 'RESISTANCE' ...

Leftists clash on the streets of Charlottesville, VA

Leftists clash in Charlottesville, VA. Man arrested in plan to bomb Oklahoma Federal building. Neo-Nazi's say they are just getting started. Do you identify as "white" or as a...

DOJ reopens investigation on Hillary

DOJ reopens investigation on Hillary, FBI raids former Trump campaign chairman’s home, Media / Establishment trying to Nuke Trump over Nork response. Will Hillary take a plea ...

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