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Show Description: Nancy Pelosi said: “The first 50 days of the Trump Administration have been a train wreck of fear, incompetence and broken promises. While failing to lift a finger to create jobs, the President has enabled the abuses of his Wall Street friends, tried to make families pay more for less health care, instilled fear among immigrant communities, and allowed Russia to endanger our security." Talk about your fake news! Trump has done more than most presidents have done in their first 50 days, he HAS created jobs, he HAS kept his promises, he HAS saved lives of future people being taken due to Human Trafficking, He has spawned a new optimism in America (Unless you are a left wing loon). However, you have 4 years left of not hearing anything good Trump does. The Chris Cuomo's of the world will not let you hear true statistics, facts, and news. If they do? It harms their own agenda. This goes with Nancy Pelosi and her ilk. If they help Trump? If they help America be great again? If the left wing media reports on that? Not only will Trump be re-elected, but one Republican after another. Sarah Huckabee Sanders quoted Lyndon Baines Johnson recently and the quote fits Trump today more than ever: “If the president walked across the Potomac, the media would be reporting that he could not swim.”

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