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Show Description: The Modern Crusades- Via Migration The only people saying there is no threat to Islamic Migration through the refugee programs are Liberals and Democrats. Islamic Clerics, Imams are telling us there is a goal, a plan, a strategy. Even peaceful Muslims are warning us this is happening. When Muslims in America state in Islamic meetings that Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of submission, Those that report on it are accused of "Hate Speech". When a Muslim causes an attack while yelling Allahu Akbar, Democrat politicians and the Radical Left media will state it had nothing to do with religion. Extreme vetted Muslims are welcome to be my neighbor, but those that may be anti-semitic, or wish to have Sharia law in America I would rather not allow them in our country. Assimilation to the America dream is a wonderful thing, to hate America while taking entitlements and our good will is a horrible thing for any civilized society. Do read the official Muslim Brotherhood 1991 document plan for America. You can find it here: Again, Welcome peaceful good Muslims that will love America as you do. Do not just have an open door refugee program without knowing all we can know about who comes in. And do not let Liberal judges be our President. A president should Trump (No pun intended) all judges except the Supreme Court.

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