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The Conservative Syndicate - 03/21/17

Show Description: In the spirit of the left's continuing narrative Russia campaigned for Trump through WikiLeaks we revisited yesterday's testimony by FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers. Audrey Russo from "REELTalk Radio" joined us as we hypothesized the real purpose of this investigation and it's not in the interest of election integrity or national security. Co-Chair Adam Schiff went out of his way in his opening remarks to "Trumpet" an 8 minute summary of the left's narrative Russia is the reason Trump won in 2016. His facts are based on the famed "dossier" that everybody has already deemed unverifiable and continued by adding his own assessment(s) all in the form of "facts" despite the fact much of what he says has already been unproven or denied by intelligence. Next, at today's confirmation hearing on Neil Gorsuch. Don Dix from "Act4America" joined us as I noted an interesting exchange between nominee Gorsuch and Senator Amy Klobaucher (MN-D) who tried to lead Gorsuch into the liberals "Valley of Death" using his orginialist stances on the Constitution. We also discussed the recent expulsion of a local college student here in SoCal for posting a video of a professor who went on an anti-Trump rant in her classroom.

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For over 50 years the progressive movement has worked to redefine our Constitution by erecting an imaginary wall of separation between Church & State through legislation and adjudication that encourages government dependence and the licensing of immorality that removes personal responsibility. "The Conservative Syndicate" seeks to tear down this wall through education, information and engagement with those who seek uncompromising truth regarding the religion of politics and the politics of religion. It is time to reclaim our standing as "One Nation Under God". Hosted by Jon Matthews, Citizen by Birth, Christian By Grace, Patriot By Choice and Conservative by all that is reasonable.

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