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E.O. 12333 & 17 Intel Org. That Could Unmask EP30

Show Description: Comey mentioned that an investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump administration and election tampering has been ongoing since July of 2016. We have already been told by Clapper that there was no, none, nada connections to Trump, nor did it effect any election results. All that time? Hillary's Emails never got this much attention from the FBI and there was reason to prosecute. Also Assange released information that exposed our intelligent organizations can use malware to hack and leave a footprint that Russia did it. Now, take the issue of the DHS being caught hacking into Georgia's election center. Perhaps (Speculation, granted) The DHS was hacking many states but used the Russian malware, but a glitch concerning Georgia did not hide the DHS true IP address. There was to be a Congressional hearing on this matter of the DHS breaking into Georgia's election center. I hope it doesn't just fade away. Now we learn the Trump transition team and possible Trump himself could have been caught up in incidental tapping not related to Russia. The radical left media (which is almost all of media nowadays) is more upset that Trump accused Obama then who unmasked all these names. Since Obama signed Executive Order 12333 just before Trump became President, the possibility exists that any one of 17 intelligent organizations could have acquired whatever they wanted via this order through the NSA. WITHOUT WARRANTS! As Sean Spicer said to the media: (Paraphrasing) "I implore you to use your investigation skills to find out who unmasked these names." That is the true story to be told.

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