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Show Description: The Syrian people are thanking President Trump for finally doing something about Assad's genocide of his own people. CNN tried to get Syrians to criticize the President, but failed. However, while Syrians are grateful our own people are not. Some Trump supporters fail to remember in the campaign Donald Trump said he would get the world to respect us again. He was talking about our enemies (Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc.). You don't get respect by doing nothing. We had that type of leader (or lack of leadership), and red lines meant nothing. In fact, by doing nothing one could argue more violence broke out in the middle east. We could also argue that if Obama did do something maybe there would be no refugees in Europe and the USA. Even some on the radical media left did not criticize the President. However, there are those that came out with left wing loon propaganda, and asked what if Putin and Trump had this set up as a scheme. Rep. Gabbard said she did not believe the Pentagons "Claim" that the administration knows exactly where the chemical weapons came from. This was not a declaration of war. This was an answer to the killing of innocence with banned illegal weapons. True people could be killed by other means and doesn't make it any less horrific. However, chemical weapons can not be allowed to be used, and then perhaps proliferated. Trump did the right thing, and now North Korea, Russia, Syria and Iran know we have a President that says what he means, and means what he says. In the words of our President "God Bless America, and the entire world".

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