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The Marty O Show Special EP33

Show Description: Susan Rice unmasking names, North Korea is wacky, Assad and Putin spinning gas attack blame. Sometimes it is good to take a break from politics and this is the week to do it on The Marty O Radio Show. I get to air the first full show special on free software for you, your family, business, student, etc. No malware, no viruses and no adware. Just free programs from big companies, such as Microsoft, Adobe, the open source community, etc. It's like getting a gift for listening! The best of office suites, free professional programs for video editing, compositing, and photo editing, free security programs, and more. Even free operating systems! The Marty O Show (Martin O'Sullivan) gets no kickbacks, nor is affiliated in any way with these programs and their companies, and the 'ole statement "Use at your own risk" applies. I just do this for fun and to hopefully save someone out there a bit of $$$$. A show like this is what happens when one gets a few stitches in ones mouth leaving one (me) sore and slurring my words. The show was done not in the station, or even my home studio. A few days before receiving said stitches I decided to do an experiment and have a little fun (I am giggling as I write this). This show was created via my Samsung note 4! and you know what? I am surprised how good the show sounds! So while I take care of this thing that has me in stitches (Medically, not humorously), I shall return next week with all the politics one can shake a stick at. Until then... ENJOY THE MANY GREAT FREE COMPUTER PROGRAMS! and as always, God Bless America!

Produced by The Marty O Show

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