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Pressure on North Korea: China The Key?

Show Description: James and Brian are tracking the following stories: a failed missile test in North Korea, as Vice President Pence prepared to visit the southern part of the peninsula: why China is the key. President Trump is willing to touch a political third rail with North Korea in general which is refreshing. Amtrak's North Corridor is profitable: why isn't it spun off while shutting down the rest? Trans athletes may test the limits of the entire debate. Jose Fernandez is getting a statue in Miami outside the Marlins Park, but is that appropriate? His tragic death provides a troubling case. News & Information, #amtrak, #china, #fernandez, #korea, #transgender

Listen to "Pressure on North Korea: China The Key? Disastrous Amtrak, Trans Athletes, Jose Fernandez Statue" on Spreaker.
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In light, the government keeps order and watches over the people, while the media holds people accountable and closely watches the government. When things go dark, who watches both? From the streets of New York Metro, across America and beyond, James Flippin and Brian Nole lead the Night Watchmen Network every Monday Night from 8PM-9PM ET on The Lanterns Radio Network.

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