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Show Description: Democrats seem smarter when they keep their mouths shut. How can they walk when sticking a foot in their mouth as much as they do? I am not a fan of Paul Ryan. He is a young RINO in my opinion. However, he sent out an image in a tweet of several young teenagers that were cancer survivors saying "Advocacy is not limited to adults. These Wisconsin teens shared some powerful stories with me about their fight against childhood cancer." Leave it to a Democrat to ruin a nice and inspiring meeting. Joss Whedon, Director of the Avenger movies tweeted back "Tonight on White House Wife Hunt, Donny makes host P. Ryan give 2 more contestants the "Not a 10" card". To jest about children in that context is sick, and to top it off cancer survivors to boot! I will not watch another film of his ever, in the same way I do not watch Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, and anything Alec Baldwin does. Oh and there are lots more too. Well, I decided this week to play all my favorite new and old clips of how many times Democrats put there foot in their mouths. To me, Money is not the root of all evil... The Democrat party is. But sometimes they can be so funny with their ignorance. Politicians, media, the left wing base, they are all like a comedy show. God Bless conservatives! and God Bless America.

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