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Show Description: Viva La Obama!? Well, no. The Democrats complain about Russia meddling in our elections, and rightfully so. However, if Putin put out a video exactly like Obama did concerning his support for Macron. The only difference if you swapped the name Macron with Trump and France with America, the Left Wing Loons, the Snowflakes, The Democrats and Democrat Socialists would all be crying foul. So why is it OK for Obama to talk to the French voters giving his endorsement? Why is it the Democrats are upset with Russia trying to sway our elections when Obama tried to sway the Israeli elections by giving Netanyahu's opponent $350,000.00 of our tax payer money (YOUR MONEY!). This video is supporting a man [Macron], that leaked emails discuss Islamization of France plans. Le Pen is class, Macron is a French Obama. France will be electing their own undoing. Dieu bénissent Le Pen en France, dans les prochaines élections.

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