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Progressives vs Science, Government Waste & Bill O'Reilly

Show Description: James and Brian are tracking the following stories: Bill Nye and progressive climate alarmists aren't giving up their fight against real science... Nye says CNN shouldn't allow even ONE climate change skeptic to voice an opinion! Google acknowledges many people, places and things but not Easter. The government wastes a lot of money. Bill O'Reilly abruptly walks away from media... and returns just as fast as he left.

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Produced by The Night Watchmen

In light, the government keeps order and watches over the people, while the media holds people accountable and closely watches the government. When things go dark, who watches both? From the streets of New York Metro, across America and beyond, James Flippin and Brian Nole lead the Night Watchmen Network every Monday Night from 8PM-9PM ET on The Lanterns Radio Network.

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