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What's Happening At Fox News & NYU Student on Sanctuary Cities

Show Description: James and Brian are tracking the following stories: Fox News continues to be embroiled in turmoil, as a week after Bill O'Reilly was ousted the shakeup continues. What does it mean for conservatives in general if Fox News is remade in a completely new image? Also, James is out on patrol, talking with a student at NYU about sanctuary cities. We discuss why the "morality argument" that illegal immigration activists make is invalid. News & Information, #fox, #immigration, #o'reilly, #sanctuary, #television

Listen to "What's Happening At Fox News? & NYU Student on Sanctuary Cities" on Spreaker.
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In light, the government keeps order and watches over the people, while the media holds people accountable and closely watches the government. When things go dark, who watches both? From the streets of New York Metro, across America and beyond, James Flippin and Brian Nole lead the Night Watchmen Network every Monday Night from 8PM-9PM ET on The Lanterns Radio Network.

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